“Remove it immediately”: the instagram accounts that raise a laugh modern fashion

The fashion industry does a thriving and evolving, and with it a strange design decision. Recently, new collections of famous designers are increasingly raising a laugh. Strange forms and styles, colors, unbelievable prices for such things led to the fact that many have simply ceased to understand modern fashion and gave up on it.

Below we present a selection of the most interesting and funny instagram accounts, irony over the modern trends in fashion.

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“Gryffindor” account, in which the beloved characters of “Harry Potter” dressed exclusively in Dior.

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?? #gucci #makinarium #siduations

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One of the funniest accounts about fashion, Siduations is a perfect example of how ridiculous may be the current trend.

What would happen if the modern fashion clothes and accessories become part of the masterpieces of world art? The answer to that you can find in the account of the Copy Lab.

“Oh my God, are you really a hair stylist? What do you think about my Luke??”

Stressed stylist (“stylist of the Nerve”) — a bunch of memes about the thankless work of stylists that are often overlooked.

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i'm back

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“I and my modeling Agency”.

Shit Model Management — about the same account, but about working models. As stated by the creators of instagram, it is possible to know the whole truth about models.

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