Russia has offered the United States to work together on a vaccine against coronavirus

Russian officials suggested that the Americans “unprecedented cooperation” in the development of vaccines against coronavirus. This writes CNN.

It is clarified that it was, in particular, the production of the Russian vaccine American pharmaceutical companies.

In the United States refused the offer. “On the American side, there is a General mistrust of Russia, and we believe that this Russian technology is not accepted in the United States,” said one of the interlocutors CNN.

The American officials stated that the lack of cooperation is associated with doubts about the security of the Russian vaccine. “They spent too little [test] on the people to decide if it works on a large scale,” — said the source. Similar doubts were raised earlier.

After the material CNN, the Ministry of health of Russia said that he had not sent US official proposals on cooperation in the development of vaccines against coronavirus.

Recall that on 11 August the President of Russia Vladimir Putin announced the registration of the first Russian vaccine against the coronavirus. It was developed by the Institute name Gamalei. According to Putin, the vaccine “form a stable immunity and passed all the necessary tests”.

In fact, the vaccine Institute Gamalei is at an early stage of development. She was a large-scale clinical studies and in scientific journals no publications on the results of its tests.

Officials said that in the first vaccinations against coronavirus will make doctors


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