10 extreme situations in which I had to self-amputate a limb in order to survive

In that case, if we are talking about life and death, the living entities are ready for the salvation to sacrifice a lot. People are no exception and there are many cases, when in extreme situations, having no choice man, he deprived himself of the hands or feet. (Caution! The presented information may seem unpleasant or shocking).

We chose ten of the most incredible cases of people in order to survive, had to amputate part of the body. It should be noted that not always these “initiatives” end well — the chance to die from blood loss, infection or pain is great enough. But when you have to choose between a sure agonizing death and dim prospects die from the effects, nevertheless, preferable to act.

10. Aron Ralston (Aron Ralston). Trap in the canyon

Mountaineer Aron Ralston is a man for whom the mountain has turned from a hobby into a major profession. Leaving a promising job mechanical engineer Intel, Aaron devoted himself to research on mountain regions of the United States and for 27 years was considered one of the most experienced climbers Colorado.

But even professionalism has saved Ralston from harm — traveling in April 2003, the canyon Blue John (Blue John Canyon) in Utah, he was crushed by multi-ton boulders that blocked his arm. At first Aron didn’t realize how serious his situation is making the memory, he decided to wait for rescuers.

But the help was slow to come — mobile communication in the canyon has not worked, and the place where they got in trouble the guy was in the side from the tourist trails. Five days later, when the small reserves of water and food over, Aaron realized that they would die if not freed and made the difficult decision to cut my arm off to the elbow.

Tool from Ralston was only a small clasp-knife with which he cut the muscles and tendons of the right hand. After that he managed to break a bone and completely free. Somehow wrapped the wound with clothes, Aaron went to look for help and soon he was spotted from a helicopter and rescued.

Despite the terrible incident, the man never thought to quit his job — he continues to climb with a prosthetic. In 2004, Aron published the book “Between a Rock and a Hard Place”, and in 2010, Director Danny Boyle was the film “127 hours.”

9. Michael Lasiter (Michael Lasiter). Drugs and panic

The case of American Michael Lacetera in 2008, is hardly an example of heroism, and amputation in this case was not completed. However, as the example of human stupidity and consequences of drug use, he deserves attention.

Lasiter in the room of California Motel was injected with an intravenous drug and it seemed to him that together with the liquid into the vein to remove the air. The man knew that it is fatal, and Michael decided to save his life the only right, in his view, a way to amputate his arm.

Panic, aggravated by the action of a narcotic substance, made Lassiter to run out of the room and rush to a nearby fast food restaurant “Denny’s”. In the hall of the institution, the man grabbed a butter knife and the eyes of the staff and visitors began with wild cries to separate them limb.
Since the action is not successful, the addict moved to the kitchen of the restaurant and he picked a large knife chef. Arrived at the scene, police interrupted the lesson Lacetera, using a stun gun and twisting, was taken to the nearest hospital. The hand eventually managed to save, although as new it will be gone.

8. Jonathan Metz (Jonathan Metz). Failed repair

American Jonathan Metz almost died right at home, and only determination and by chance came to the rescue and help save his life. In one of the June 2010 Metz decided to cook their own pizzas for dinner. While the food was preparing, he went down for a few minutes in the basement to fix the furnace.

Jonathan put his hand into the bowels of the device, and remove it was not able to. In the end the man had to spend next to the stove for three long days, until desperation had not led him to the idea to amputate a trapped arm. As Metz told later, he asked himself — would have done in his place the protagonist of the popular U.S. TV series “MacGyver”. The answer was obvious, and Jonathan began to cut hand with a hacksaw, which by happy coincidence was he.

At the end of the work of Metz was unconscious and might have died from loss of blood, but it was accidentally discovered by a friend. The police, which caused a guest of Jonathan, took the victim to the hospital, where doctors finish the operation independently. According to doctors, if the guy self don’t cut the dead tissue, then hardly had a chance to survive.

7. John Hutt (John Hatt). Misfortune in the forest

61-year-old timber forests of Colorado John Hutt for work was in sparsely populated Western part of the state. With its trailer fell equipment weighing 6 tons, which is tightly clamped the foot men. Mobile communication in the forest is not worked, and the chance that soon there will be people and will come to the rescue, was very low.

Therefore, the Hutt took out his pocket knife and cut off the toes that were pressed against the cargo. After that, the man had to walk several miles to get to civilization and get professional help. In the end I was not too bad — a month later, John began to walk and shortly after became again gradually drawn into the work of a lumberjack.

6. Myron, Shlafman (Myron Schlafman). Mad grinder

As you may have noticed, often cause terrible injuries becoming commonplace, regularly performed the work. It is due to routine housework was left without a left hand 69-year-old Vietnam veteran Myron, Shlafman. After the hell of the burning jungle with no substantial loss of this courageous man almost died in a prisoner of its own grinder, which was done stuffing hundreds of times.

While cooking homemade sausage, Shlafman started to get the meat out of the working chamber of the device, but accidentally pressed the foot pedal to start. Powerful semi-industrial machine instantly pulled the man’s hand in a crushing mechanism, mutilated her and firmly holding the parts of the mechanism.

Who saw in the war a lot of injuries Miron immediately realized that if you hesitate, they’ll just bleed out and die. So the veteran decided to act quickly and radically. With a knife lying next to Shlafman had taken a few minutes to separate the limb, after which he called 911.

5. Al Hill (Al Hill). 11 hours in captivity at the tree

In 2007, professional 69-year-old logger El hill from California made the mistake and immediately paid for it. A correctly calculated trajectory felled the tree fell exactly as planned and crushed the man. To get free al there was no chance — massive trunk is literally crammed his foot in the ground, and all the tools were too far away.

After 11 agonizing hours, and realizing that the aid can not wait, hill decided to cut off his leg below the knee. In his possession was a pocket knife, but had nowhere to hurry and the old woodsman, in spite of everything, job. Having freedom El was able to get to a relatively open area, and began to call for help. A passing neighbor heard the screams and called the police, delivered the hill to the hospital.

4. Zheng Yanliang. To survive in spite of the doctors

A resident of China Zheng Yanliang worked all his life in producing and collecting a small amount, planning to engage in farming. But on the way to the dream man was waiting for a serious problem — he was diagnosed with arterial thrombosis. Jen diligently attended all the procedures and acquire the necessary medicines, but, despite this, the doctors gave him a choice — amputation or early death.

The cost of the operation amounted to 48 thousand dollars, and the budget of Animanga already worn out due to prolonged unsuccessful treatment. Therefore, the doctors discharged the farmer from the hospital releasing him only 3 months of life. As the limbs every day was getting worse and soon to gangrene. Not wanting to give up, Zheng he decided to make himself the amputation and thus saved.

14 APR 2012 a man decided to have surgery. He bit a chunk out of the tree and began the operation without anesthesia, using surgical instruments a fruit knife and a hacksaw. Later, Zheng said that fussed sawing the bone at least 20 minutes and it was the longest minutes in his life. In the operation of a courageous Chinese man lost not only his leg, but the front teeth that broke, jamming the wooden gag.

3. Ramlan (Ramlan). The victim of the disaster

Next, our hero was one of many victims of the earthquake in Indonesia in September 2009. 18-year-old Ramlan and his friend, 53-year-old eman worked at one of the buildings of the city of Padang affected by the disaster the most. The whole team is not only lucky Ramlan whose leg was trapped fallen concrete beam.

Fearing that the next aftershock will bury him under constructions, Ramlan began chopping leg trapped near a hoe. But the tool proved to be unsuitable for such an operation and the young man was forced to rely on your mobile phone. After several attempts Ramlan been able to reach his partner eman, who brought him a hacksaw to continue the amputation.

By the time the tool was in the hands of a young man, he was no longer able to work and to cut the limb had Emanu. Freeing a friend, he hastily bandaged the wound and transported the wounded to the hospital. The doctors had to conduct another surgery, but Ramen was saved.

2. Douglas Godel (Douglas Goodale). Alone in the stormy ocean

A resident of Maine Douglas Godel life was engaged in fishing for lobster in the Atlantic. Often the man had to go into the ocean to fish alone. In 2002, the fishers made the last single release for the catch, which almost cost him his life.

While trawling the storm and Arcs, hurrying to rescue gear, was in the area of operation. The powerful engine pulled the hand of the fisherman in the block, and a gust of stormy wind threw Gudela clamped the winch, over the side. The man said that hanging out over the water and bleeding profusely, he thought only about how to live his family without a father.

Tremendous efforts Arc was able to return to the deck of his small ship, but his shattered hand remained in power mechanism. The storm lasted and the chance to go down on a runaway boat with every minute increased. In order not to deprive his family of their sole breadwinner, the man decided to sacrifice an arm. Amputation Doug did a little fishing knife in very difficult conditions — swaying along with the deck and plunging from time to time shifting using the low side of the wave.

When you have finished, lobster catcher was able to bring his ship to the harbour, where he was bleeding, managed to help. After this incident Arcs not abandoned his job, but now he needed on Board the assistant. In the role of a partner is his wife Becky, who quickly mastered all the wisdom of Providence.

1. Parker Sampson (Sampson Parker). Miraculous rescue

The salvation of Sampson Parker, a farmer from South Carolina, or how wonderful call. The man threatened several mortal dangers, which he, though with heavy losses, but managed to escape. One summer afternoon in 2007, a farmer was working on a mechanized collector. Deciding to eliminate a small problem, Sampson put his hand into the bowels of the washing machine, as done before more than once.

But that day something went wrong and the mechanism squeezed the man’s hand. In addition, the foreign object blocked the device caught fire from overload. Parker was left to wonder what will kill him before — a painful shock, loss of blood or fire. But the man decided not to give up and whatever came out of the match with the machine of the winner.

A Sampson was just a tiny pocket knife with a blade 8 cm, but it is to them that the farmer was able to cut my arm off. At the end of the surgery from the pain and the heat, Parker began to lose consciousness, which meant in his case, certain death. But here intervened the accident — the smoke from a burning harvester saw a neighbor farmer, firefighter Doug Spinks. Experienced in such matters, the guy dragged Parker from blazing technique, called 911, and while the rescuers were in the way, gave first aid.

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