China will eventually invade Taiwan as Beijing looks to ‘punish’ island – shock warning

Xi Jinping wants to bring the island under his ‘One China’ policy and will “invade” the islands to regain it, professor Steve Tsang from the School of Oriental and African Studies stated. He told China is building its military capacity in order to take over the island despite its ties with the US. Prof Tsang said: “The Chinese will seek to punish Taiwan because they can’t punish Americans.

“It’s not as easy as it appears but they will eventually invade Taiwan.

“The invasion will happen within the next 20 years.

“They’re building the capacity to do so.

“Taiwan can’t match China in military terms.

“Within the next 20 years, they will have the ability to do so.”

Mr Azar became the first high-ranking official to travel to Taiwan since 1979.

With his arrival, China warned the US visit now threatened international peace in the region.

China also conducted military exercises near the island in order to safeguard its national sovereignty.

Taiwan does have a Mutual Defense treaty with the US which states America will supply the island with arms to defend itself.

However, regardless of how much the island spends, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman mocked any attempt for the island to defend itself against Beijing.

Zhao Lijian said: “No matter how much it spends, as we all know, Taiwan is a small island.

“If it wants to fight against mainland China, it is like an ant trying to move a tree.“

Taiwan’s foreign minister, Joseph Wu has also warned his country could become the next Hong Kong.

Amid escalating tensions between China and Taiwan, Japan’s self-defence force has revealed it is scrambling jets to combat Beijing’s aggression in the East China Sea.

Japan and China have both claimed sovereignty over the Senkaku islands.

Japan currently administers the islands but fighter jets are scrambled whenever Chinese military aircraft approach the airspace.

Previously Japanese jets were only scrambled in response to a specific threat to the islands.

Although Japan will not look for conflict with China in the region, prof Tsang insisted Japan will not allow Beijing to “walk over them”.

He added: “Japan will take a robust stance on non-provocative and robust positions in the East China Sea.

“They have no intention to let the Chinese walk over them.”


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