Named the approximate date of the next launch of Crew Dragon

Названа примерная дата следующего запуска Crew Dragon All the news on the map

The next launch of the Falcon 9 rocket with the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon to the International space station (ISS) will be possible not earlier than October 23. This was reported on the NASA website.

Crew Dragon undocked from the International space station (ISS) on August 2. The same day he with the help of the parachute made the descent to Earth, where it landed in the Gulf of Mexico.

The launch of Falcon 9 spacecraft Crew Dragon to ISS on may 30 on the 39th launch complex, located on the territory of the Space center of a name of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in Florida (USA). The previous times the US alone has put men into orbit on 8 July 2011, when it launched a reusable manned spacecraft Atlantis the Space Shuttle program.

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