Natalia Shturm has called a “fatal mistake” Legkostupova that led to the death

Natalia Shturm said that led to the tragedy of the singer Valentina Legkostupova, who passed away at the age of 54 years.

Singer Natalia Shturm believes that the death of colleagues Valentina Legkostupova could lead to failed marriage. This spring the singer of the hit “raspberry” married with its a fan of Yuri Firsov.

Storm calls this decision Legkostupova “fatal mistake” and said that the singer did so “because of their credulity”, reports the Russian Dialogue.

According to her, earlier Legkostupova never abused alcohol and has not been seen in the scandals. The storm called colleague is absolutely a creative person, in love with their job.

The singer admits that still can’t believe what happened.

“Bewilderment and a lump in my throat from what happened… two months to destroy the person,” she said.

Some time later, the singer became a patient of the neurological Department, where he complained of headaches.

Some time later, a star fell into a coma from which never came. 15 Aug daughter Legkostupova reported the death of the singer.


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