Christmas through the prism of time

For the New year even adults are ready to believe in miracles, such as the existence of a time machine. Photographer Peter MacDermid fantasized about the subject and created amazing Christmas images — hybrids of the modern urban landscapes of London and the corresponding photo images of former times.

1. London Regent street, modernity and 1955

2. Shop Old Curiosity Shop in London, modernity and 1956

3. The London district of Clapham, modernity and 1926

4. Department store Selfridges, modernity and 1935

5. St. Paul’s Cathedral, modernity and 1950

6. Showcase Selfridges, modernity and 1939

7. Parliament square, modernity and 1938

8. Adell street, modernity and 1930

9. Watling street, the modern and 1923

10. Smithfield market, modernity and 1968

11. Trafalgar square, modernity and 1948

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