“If the eyes problem not solve, I’ll kill myself”: the United States departed this life another victim of laser vision correction

Such a simple surgery as laser vision correction, after which from the hospital are usually discharged on the same day, has already cost the lives of several Americans. We only know about the most high-profile cases, how in the world all victims of laser eye surgery is not known.

Recently Americans were shocked by the tragedy. Beloved host of the weather channel Fox TV, the Old Jessica (Jessica Starr), voluntarily retired from life. What made a young, beautiful and successful woman to commit suicide? The answer is shocking — conventional laser surgery for vision correction.

Two months ago, Jessica made a simple and less traumatic eye surgery, according to the method of the SMILE, then the woman began to torment unbearable pain in his eyes. Strange, isn’t it? Yes, but, unfortunately, far from unique.

The death of a famous TV presenter again made to raise the question of how safe laser vision correction. As used many years method LASIK and advanced technology SMILE can cause serious damage and make life absolutely unbearable.

Jessica was experiencing terrible pain for two months and could not stand. It did not stop even the fact that her two minor children left without a mother. It is hard to imagine that they felt, and how desperate she was. Jessica Old committed suicide on 13 December 2018, at the age of 35 years, adding to the list of people killed cake walk.

Jessica is still struggling and hopes to improve

Two known victims of laser — Max Cronin (Cronin Max) and Dorrian Colin (Colin Dorrian). Two young men also chose death, not to suffer the terrible pain. Both pointed to suicide notes the reason for his choice — severe pain after surgery.

Max Cronin (left) and Colin Dorrian

Max Cronin, a soldier of the US army, did not give up for very long. A man suffered pain for almost 10 years, but in the end, realizing that relief will not come, chose death.

Ten years ago, the problem of complications after laser vision correction method LASIK considered in the Ministry of health. During the hearing of this case the Commission was presented with thousands of complaints from Americans who have spent years experiencing pain or discomfort after surgery. Unfortunately, at that time no decision was never adopted, and the operations continued to execute EN masse all over the country.

Statistics, which knows all, says that when performing laser correction 95% of operations are successful. As for complications, they are, according to official data, about 1%. Not without reason, many believe that this figure is especially low.

It is precisely known that in recent years method LASIK forced to leave the life of 17 Americans. Colin Dorrian killed himself when he was only 28 years old. The decision about suicide is not a spontaneous guy a long 6.5 years tormented by the pain in his eyes. A note found after his death, leaves no room for speculation:

“If I can’t solve a problem with the eyes, I’m going to kill myself. I just can’t accept the fact that I have to live like this. I have other problems like most people. But this is something different. When trouble with his eyes, I fell into a deep depression and was never able to get out of it”.

It is hoped that the death of the TV presenter will again attract the attention of the authorities to the problem, the solution of which can not save one life.

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