The doctor compared the life expectancy meat eaters and vegetarians

Врач сравнила продолжительность жизни мясоедов и вегетарианцев

In compliance with proper food meat eaters live longer than vegetarians. This opinion in an interview with “Fifth channel” said candidate of medical science, dietician Inna Kononenko.

“Everything in our body is almost made of protein. Vegetarians don’t always immediately visible consequences of lack of protein. With age it will be more to emerge,” she explained.

Kononenko drew attention to the two indicators of wear and tear on the body. The first is the thickness of the vascular wall in the common carotid artery: the more, the faster aging occurs. Due to the fact that vegetarians get enough cholesterol, they have the thickness of this wall will be lower than meat eaters.

“If the meat-eater will consume enough vitamins B12, D3, K2, the thickness of this complex will not increase,” said the medic.

The second marker of aging is the job of the mitochondria. Specialist calls them “energy stations” of cells.

“Vegetarians, they work worse than meat eaters. This is due to the fact that meat is a source of l-carnitine, a substance necessary for the operation of mitochondria. There is still a measure of the synthesis of our protein. Unfortunately, vegetarian or vegan diet, not all amino acids a person can get” — told Kononenko.

According to her, in the absence of specific organic compounds is disturbed the process of digestion and assimilation of a specific protein, which can lead to problems with hair growth, nails, eyesight, skin condition and blood vessels.

Nutritionist recommends meat eaters and vegetarians to avoid deficiency of vitamins and minerals.


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