A cat video touched user: how do cats miss their owner

A resident of Canada named Rob really likes cats. However, how can you not love them, because they are so cute.

I wonder what the cats feel about their owners? Whether they miss them when they leave home? Do look forward to their arrival, or maybe just going about their feline business?

These questions for a long time did not give the Robe of peace, and he has found an original way to answer them.

Source: Twizz

Rob lives with two Pets — a cat and Cody cat Shorty. The man even has a blog in Instagram, devoted to his Pets. And Rob maintains a channel on YouTubewhere you share interesting moments related to Sho-Ko (as he jokingly calls his cats).

Cat Shorty Rob took from the shelter in 2010. She was only 2 months.

In 2012, Rob took from the shelter another pet — a cat named Cody. So Shorty became a lot more fun.

Shorty and Kodi — very friendly, love to play together and just adore his master.

Once Rob began to wonder what his cats when he leaves the house. To find out, the man installed a hidden camera.

It turned out that most of the time cats spend waiting for his master. When Rob closed the door, the cat Shorty long was restless, mewed reluctantly regarded his toy.

The video was so touched by users that they left many warm comments:

“I’ve been caring for animals for about 30 years — she writes under the name Erin Uber, — some of my friends dogs and cats also suffer when owners leave. In such cases, they may calm down a radio, whatever is playing there music, or just someone to talk to. Try it, maybe Cody from this will be easier.”

“If Cody was just bored, he’d go play with Shorty. It is obvious that he misses Robe”.

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