Coming soon: Apple’s sporty Powerbeats 4 earphones

Chennai: Apple is set to release the latest version of its popular earphones used during workouts, Powerbeats, with a new design focused on ergonomic comfort.

Photographs accessed by 9to5Mac show that the wireless earphones will be available in black, white and red, will be more comfortable in your ears and will have a longer run time of 15 hours, compared to the Powerbeats 3, which had a battery life of 12 hours.

What’s most exciting about the Powerbeats 4 is fast charging. You can get 60 minutes of playback time by charging using ‘Fast Fuel’ option for just five minutes, using a lightning connector.

Apple promises clearer playback and a wider frequency band, as well as a more stable connection using class 1 Bluetooth technology.

You can answer calls as usual with the Beats button on the right headphone, and also use Siri if you hold down the button.

In the new design, the cable connecting the two ear hooks will lead out of the holder behind the ear, and the water-proof casing is expected to be more durable.

The price is expected to be around the same or slightly higher than the Powerbeats 3 which sells at around Rs 15,000-Rs 17,000.


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