Sex without joy and gold teeth on the shelf: Chronicles of Turkmenistan’s reforms

After the split of the Soviet Union into independent States, Turkmenistan inherited not only a huge oil and gas reserves, but also the most extravagant President. Serdar and Forever the Great Saparmurat Turkmenbashi, as it was called politics in his homeland, was the head of the Republic a total of 21 years. In addition to the legendary modesty, the Father of all Turkmen remembered worldwide for its reform is senseless and ruthless logic.

Once Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov decided to try themselves in reformism and he loved it. Obviously, the reforms the President seemed not only worthy, but entertaining, making laws, one better than the other, poured from the bucket. During his rule, Turkmenbashi took a lot of great innovations, is able to break the brain of any person who is unfamiliar with the Turkmen reality.

Why is only one ban high school graduates to enter higher education, without having experience in the chosen specialty. Of course about how to find a job by profession, not having any, in the legal act is not mentioned, but does such a trifle will be able to prevent a person from seeking knowledge?

No modern politician has spent so much time in the field of law, how Mr. Niyazov. Among the laws signed by the President during the long years of his reign, the following deserve particular attention:

  • The introduction of the new calendar and the division of human life on dvenadtsatistrunnye cycles;
  • The abolition of theater and circus;
  • The prohibition of beards, moustaches and long hair of the youth;
  • The reduction of the period of study in universities up to 2 years;
  • Cancellation of diplomas of foreign Universities;
  • Withdrawal from the school program of physical culture and labor training;
  • A ban on the wearing of the youth and officials of Golden crowns.

In addition, any citizen of Turkmenistan, infectious disease, was outlawed all contagious diseases, including AIDS, were included in the list of banned in the country.

Turkmenbashi does not remain on the sidelines in the intimate life of its citizens. In honesty, Saparmurat Niyazov banned the use of sex as entertainment, implying that in these very intimate moments do not have to think about yourself and your partner, and about the welfare of the nation and the birth of heirs.

One day the President dissolved the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the other was dismissed by the decree on the Republic of 15 thousand medical workers, including midwives and nurses, which the country lacked at the best of times.

But you need to be objective — Turkmenbashi cared about his people, trying to make the lives of ordinary Turkmen bright and saturated. Construction in the desert of penguinarium, and in the mountains — the ice Palace for 1,000 guests, was to raise the cultural level of the population and to instill in them a love for the sport.

The Palace and the zoo for the penguins was still commissioned when the successor to Niyazov, Berdymukhamedov Gurbanguly. Large indoor skating rink, however, has not erected the mountains, and in Ashgabat, and anything special he wanted, to the zoo and did not have time to bring in penguins, as it began to die from hunger and heat, even the most undemanding animals.

Unfortunately or fortunately, many projects remained only on paper, like wise the pension reform. The elderly would be required to pass the state apartments and send to live with children, grandchildren or in nursing homes at the expense of his family. After the death of the policy in 2006, softened and adopted laws, some of which have not had time to take effect.

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