Forgotten corners in the California desert

Photographer ed Freeman is easy to find a place that was forgotten by other people. He just looks at the map of the California desert, and finds some small place set back from the road and went there. Freeman traveled several decades, mostly as a musician, producer or even tour Manager of The Beatles, but in the last seven years in his busy schedule road trip he took the time to take the streets and nooks mythologized Western States.

Bakersfield, CA.

Desert Realty (“Desert real estate”) is a book not about what really exists in the desert. In fact, Freeman comes to the fact that calls it all a lie. His photographs show real places, but they are processed with a computer. The hustle and bustle of everyday life erased once blue sky filled chimerical clouds, which never existed. Added the sky from completely different places, and when the real sky is not suitable, Freeman uses the gradients generated by the computer. He wipes some color and adds some other, unreal. The mountains on each photo — the same, with only minor changes.

Desert Shores, California.

Perhaps Desert Realty is a lie, but it’s a lie about the truth. Freeman compares his deception with deception of parents who tell children that Santa Claus exists. In this case, the children are the generations of Americans who dreamed of a better future.

Mojave, California.

Many of the motels, barns, trailers, houses and shops with pictures of Freeman in a sorry state. Some have been demolished. The earth is poisoned, and many people left, optimistically believing in the finger. In these places few is because for most they are boring. But very interesting for Freeman.

Desert Shores, California.

Passion photographer these roadside treasures makes them Shine. Thousands of people drive past these homes are not looking, but Freeman stops the car, puts the tripod and remains for some time. After work, he takes his treasures home, flows through the mind and heart and transforms into something new.

Coachella, California.

Niland, California.

Niland, California.

Desert Shores, California.

Salton City, California.

Throne, CA.

Throne, CA.

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