Everything for sale: the most unusual vending machines

Everyone knows that Americans are big fans of automation. In the United States opened the first fast food restaurants with their revolutionary method service, American, Ford was the first to use the conveyor for mass production of cars in the United States issued the first patent for a vending machine. In the last century, Americans on these machines went crazy. Try to guess what they never sold: worms, insurance, or men’s shorts? In fact, everything is sold. To your attention — an unusual vending machines from USA and not only.

First of all, vending machines with worms, insurance, and shorts.

Such machines some virtually no waste.

Automatic with eggs.

With the light bulbs.

Potatoes around the clock.

In France the machines were selling pantyhose.

And this is again USA. This time — books.

German machine clock.

And finally, the French with coal.

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