430-pound Pakistani eats 36 eggs for Breakfast to become a real Hercules

Giant Arbab Heather Hayat claims that the strongest man on the planet. It’s easy to believe, especially after watching the video, where the 430-pound Pakistani man pulls on the rope operating the tractor in reverse. Arbab said that now he wants to be champion in powerlifting: “My goal is to become a champion. I thank God for your strength and body. And my appearance on the world stage in powerlifting is only a matter of time.”

Daily diet Hayat no less impressive than his physique. It consumes 10 thousand calories a day or 36 eggs for Breakfast, 3 kg of meat and 5 litres of milk.

The growth of the athlete — almost 190 cm, and, according to Hayat, he has no health problems because of the phenomenal weight. “I feel quite comfortable with the weight. Moreover, I have always maintained, if you want to become the strongest man on the planet”.

Living in the Pakistani city of Mardan Khayat began to gain weight in adolescence. “As a teenager I realized that I wanted to do powerlifting and participate in the Championships for the strongest of people.”

According to a Pakistani, in the championship of athletes in Japan, he lifted the weight more than 4500 kg.

In the city Khayat local celebrity. And in Pakistan he was considered the strongest man in the world.

Every day hundreds of people come to the house of the strong man to take a selfie with him. “The townspeople love me and admire me. But I don’t want to dwell on it. I want my story told the whole world.”

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