The ruthless child killer in history

At the mention of the murderers the blood run cold, but worst of all, when these murderers were children. It is even incomprehensible that a child could be capable of murder, but still so brutal. Before you stories about blood-thirsty killers in the face of children, suggestive of a panic.

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Mary bell (may 26, 1957)

Mary bell is one of the most “famous” girls in British history. In 1968, at the age of 11 with his 13-year-old girlfriend the Norm with a break of two months she strangled two boys, 4 and 3 years. Brian Howe (3 years) was found dead under a mountain of weeds and grass just a few days after the death of Martin brown (4 years). His hair was cropped at the hips were found traces of injections, and his genitals were partially cut off. In addition to these injuries, his belly was a mark of the letter “M”. When the investigation came to Mary bell, she gave herself and describe in detail a pair of broken scissors, which, according to the girls, played Brian. The scissors became the irrefutable proof of the guilt of Mary.

Family background may have influenced the unusual behaviour of Mary. For a long time she thought that her daughter is a common criminal, Billy Bella, but to this day her real biological father is unknown. Mary claimed that her mother Betty, who was a prostitute, forced her to engage in sexual acts with men — particularly with customers of the mother — to 4-years.

The trial ended, but according to the law, Mary could not impose a sentence of imprisonment for minorities. The investigation concluded that the finding of Mary in a psychiatric hospital or a boarding school for troubled Teens also involves a risk. Why to adulthood she was kept in sparprice for antisocial children, and then in prison with a minimum of supervision, “Moore-Kurt”. During the trial, the mother repeatedly sold Mary’s story to the press. She was only 11 years old, released she was only 23 years later. She now lives under another name and surname. This business is well known as “the Case of Mary bell”.

John Venables (13 August 1982) and Robert Thompson (23 Aug 1982)

John Venables and Robert Thompson were sentenced to life imprisonment, despite the fact that at the time of the murder they were only ten years. Their crime has caused shock across Britain. 12 February 1993 the mother of two year old James Bulger left his son at the door of the butcher shop, thinking that the return back will not take a lot of time, since the store queue. She didn’t think seeing her son for the last time… John and Robert were in the same store, doing their business as usual: Rob people, shoplifting, embezzling things when the sellers turned their backs on them, climb on chairs in restaurants until they are expelled. The guys had the idea to kidnap the boy, then to make it look like he lost. (Photo John Venables)

John and Robert force dragged the boy to the railroad, where he rushed into it with paint, was brutally beaten with sticks, bricks and an iron bar, threw stones, and sexually abused little boy, and then put his body on the railroad tracks, hoping that the kid get hit by a train and his death will be for an accident. The body of James was found, but the autopsies showed that the boy died before he was run over by the train. (Photo by Robert Thompson)

Alice Bustamante (28 January 1994)

15-year-old girl killed her younger neighbor and hid the corpse. Alice Bustamante planned the murder, choosing the right time and 21 October she attacked the neighbor girl began to strangle her, slit her throat and stabbed. A police Sergeant, who was interrogating the young killer after the disappearance of 9-year-old Elizabeth, said Bustamante confessed where she hid the body of the fourth-grader, and took police to the forest where there was a corpse. She stated that she wanted to know what kind of feelings experienced killer.

George Junius Steen Jr (21 Oct 1929 — 16 Jun 1944)

16 Jun 1944 in the USA was a record — George Steen, who was 14 years old, became the youngest person executed in the United States. George was convicted of the murder of two girls, eleven-year-old Betty June Binnicker and eight-year-old Mary Emma Times, whose bodies were discovered in a ravine. The girls had severe injuries of the skull resulting from blows of a rail spike, which was subsequently found. George confessed to the crime, and that initially tried to have sex with Betty, but in the end it turned out to be murder. George was charged with first-degree murder, found guilty and was sentenced to death in the electric chair. The sentence was executed in South Carolina, and repealed in 2014, 70 years after the execution.

Kipland “Kip” Kinkel (30 August 1982)

May 20, 1998 Kinkel was expelled from school because he was trying to buy a stolen weapon from a classmate. He confessed to the crime and was released from the police. Home father told him that he would be sent to boarding school, if he had not started to cooperate with the police. At 15:30 Kip pulled out his rifle, hidden in the parents ‘ room, loaded it, went into the kitchen and shot his father. At 18:00 returned to the mother. Kinkel told her I loved her, and shot her twice in the head, three times in the face and once in the heart. Later claimed that he wanted to protect his parents from the difficulties that could be because of his problems with the law.

May 21, 1998 Kinkel came to school like his mother. He put on his trench coat to hide weapons: a hunting knife, a rifle and two pistols, and ammunition. He killed two students and wounded 24. When he was reloading his gun, several students managed to disarm. In November 1999, Kinkel was sentenced to 111 years in prison without the possibility of parole. During sentencing, Kinkel apologized to the court for the murder of her parents and students of the school.

Cindy Collier and Shirley Wolfe

In 1983, Cindy Collier and Shirley wolf began to find victims for their entertainment. Usually it was vandalism or car theft, but once the girls showed how they were crazy in fact. They knocked at the door of an unfamiliar house, they discovered an elderly woman. Seeing two young girls 14-15 years old girl without hesitation put them in the house, hoping for an interesting conversation over a Cup of tea, and she got it — the girls chatted for a long time a sweet old lady, entertaining her interesting stories. Then Shirley grabbed the old woman by the neck and held her, and Cindy went to the kitchen for a knife. Seizing the knife, struck Shirley old woman 28 stab wounds. The girls fled the scene but was soon arrested.

Barry Locates (26 Feb 1981)

2 February 1996 national high school “Frontier”, Washington, happened with the shooting incident and hostage-taking. Barry Locates wearing your cowboy suit and went to high school algebra where his class had to go through the lesson. Most of the classmates found the suit Barry is funny, and the behavior of Barry’s is a little strange. They did not know what hides this suit, and there were two pistols, a rifle and 78 rounds. He opened fire, his first victim was a 14-year-old Manuel Vela. After a few seconds, his victims were the teacher and another classmate. The students were held hostage for 10 minutes before school PE teacher was not able to disarm the boy.

It was also reported that he shouted: “it’s more interesting than talking about algebra, don’t you?” This is a quote from the novel by Stephen king “Rage”, in which the protagonist kills two teachers and takes the class hostage. Currently, Barry is serving two life sentences, followed by 205 years.

Joshua Phillips (17 Mar 1984)

November 3, 1998, when Joshua Phillips was 14, he’s missing his neighbor. One morning the mother of Joshua was cleaning his room and found a wet spot under the water mattress son. Trying to find a leak, she noticed that the mattress glued tape. Inside the mattress Mrs. Phillips discovered the body of a missing 8-year-old neighbor named Maddie Clifton, whom the whole town sought within seven days.

To this day, Phillips is not announced a motive for the killing. He said he accidentally hit a girl in the head with a baseball bat, she started screaming, he panicked, and then pulled her into his room and began to beat her until she stopped. The jury didn’t believe his story, he was charged with first-degree murder. Joshua has not reached the age of 16, he escaped the death penalty. But he got life without parole.

Willie Bosket (9 December 1962)

In the record of Willie Bosquet to 15 of years, in 1978, by his own admission, was already more than 2,000 crimes in new York. He never knew his father, but he claimed that the father was convicted of murder, and thought it was “manly” crime. At that time in the United States under the Criminal code for minors is not provided for criminal liability, so Bosquet boldly walked the streets with a knife or a gun in his pocket. March 19, 1978 he shot Moises Perez, March 27 — the namesake of the first victim, Noel Perez.

Ironically, the case of Willie Bosket became a precedent for the revision of the provisions on lack of criminal responsibility for minors. Under the new law, children from 13 years can be tried as adults for excessive cruelty.

Eric Smith (22 Jan 1980)

In 13 years, Eric Smith was bullied because of his glasses with thick lenses, freckles, long red hair and another features: elongated protruding ears. This feature is a side effect of medication for epilepsy, which his mother took during pregnancy. Smith was accused of killing four-year-old named derrick Robie. 2 August 1993 the baby had been strangled, his head was crushed by a great stone, plus the child was raped by a small branch.

The psychiatrist was diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder, because of which man can not control his inner rage. Smith was convicted and sent to prison. Six years in prison, he was five times denied parole.

Lionel Tate (30 Jan 1987)

Who would have thought that the constant viewing of competitions on wrestling could lead to the murder of six-year-old girl named Tiffany Onic. Kathleen Grosset-Tate was Babysitting Tiffany. One night, she left the baby with my son who was watching TV until she went upstairs. About ten in the evening she shouted at children, so they were quiet, but down is not down, thinking that the children play. Forty-five minutes later, Lionel called to his mother, saying that Tiffany was not breathing. He explained that he struggled with the girl, making the capture, and then hit her head on the table.

Later, the pathologist concluded that the death of the girl caused by the rupture of the liver. In addition, the experts testified that the fractures to the skull and ribs, as well as 35 other injuries. Tate later changed his testimony and said that it jumped on the girl from the stairs. He was sentenced to life without parole, but in 2001 his sentence was revised in connection with mental incapacity of the prisoner. He was released in 2004 with a trial period of ten years.

Craig Pryce (August 1974)

39-year-old Joan Heaton with her two daughters, 10-year-old Jennifer and 8-year-old Melissa, were found dead in their house on 4 September 1989. Police reported that Joan was about 60 stab wounds, while the girls were around 30. The stabbing was so strong that the knife blade broke and stuck in the body of Melissa. The authorities believed that theft was the main motive for the crime, and the suspect when they noticed him, grabbed a kitchen knife and in the heat of passion caused these wounds. Also, it was believed that the burglar had to be someone from this neighborhood and it needs to be wound on the hand.

Craig Pryce on the same day, was caught by police with a bandaged hand, but said he broke the window of the car. The police didn’t believe his story. They searched his room, finding there a knife, gloves and other evidence. He also confessed to another murder that had been committed in the area two years earlier. The authorities suspected him in that case, which also began with theft and ended up like the case of Tunics. Craig was given a life the day before he turned sixteen.

Jesse Pomeroy (November 29, 1859 — 29 Sep 1932)

James Pomeroy, who was born in November 1859 in Charlestown, Massachusetts, referred to as the youngest person convicted of first-degree murder in the entire history of the state. Pomeroy began his ill-actions towards other children at the age of 11 years. He lured seven children in a deserted place, where he stripped them, bound and tortured with a knife or poking pins into their bodies. He was caught and sent to reform school, where he was to remain until he turns 21. But after a year and a half he was released for good behavior. (Pictured right, Jesse Pomeroy in 1925)

After three years he changed from a bad guy turned into a monster. He kidnapped and killed 10-year-old girl named Katie Curran, and was also accused of killing 4-year-old boy mutilated body is found in the Gulf of Dorchester. Despite the lack of evidence in the murder of the boy, he was found guilty in the death of Cathy. The body lay in the ash pile in the basement of the store mother Pomeroy is having. Jessie was sentenced to life imprisonment in solitary confinement, where he died of a natural death at the age of 72 years.

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