23 crafty kitchen life hack from a men’s magazine

All ingenious — is simple. This collection of tricks from Maxim the proof of that. How to make dressing for the salad, just wash the jar of mayonnaise, how to store food how to help to ripen the bananas with the oven. This and much more you will learn from this fount of cooking wisdom.

Cut the desired piece of cheese, together with the packaging. And do not throw away — it can be used as cover for the remaining cheese.

Coat the eggs with vegetable oil before placing them in the refrigerator so they stay fresh for three to four weeks longer.

Ginger can be peeled with a teaspoon.

To cut the cake not callous…attach the toothpicks to place the cut piece of bread. Let it hardens.

Pierce the lemon with a toothpick and push it gently back. Lifehack works for recipes that require only a few drops of lemon juice. Then cover the hole with tape and put the lemon in the fridge.

Add the jar with the remains of some vinegar mayonnaise. And olive oil, and spices so you can get a great salad dressing and also clean the jar after.

Soak fresh berries in a weak solution of acetic, so they are not moldy.

Store onions and garlic in punched paper bags. So they will hold no mold at least two months.

Store the chopped avocado with a slice of onion. It will not blacken. An alternative is to sprinkle the avocado with Apple cider vinegar.

Store apples and potatoes together. Contained in apples ethylene does not allow the potatoes to sprout.

Our favorite kitchen life hack: fill a jar with the remains of Nutella in hot milk, as it should shake and get hot chocolate!

Here’s a great way to peel a mango.

Store the pineapple upside down, so they will ripen faster. It is important not to forget to cut them leaves.

Store celery in foil. So he will live as much as a month. The same technique works with broccoli.

Jars of peanut butter also keep upside down. It will be easier to get it.

Wrap the spine of the tape bunches of bananas. They begin to blacken 3-5 days later.

Do not throw away the yellowing greens. It can finely chop and mix with olive oil (or melted butter). After you pour the mixture into molds for ice — useful in pasta and various salads.

Put the lettuce in a paper bag. Before you store it in the fridge, of course. And don’t tear off the limp leaves, so the core will remain fresh longer.

Dried chips and crackers can be brought back to life by sticking them in the microwave (or oven).

In the same oven you can speed up the ripening process of bananas.

Reheat pizza in a skillet. The oil in the crust return it to its former crispness.

Use the pushpin to the boiled egg easier to peel.

Intensively shake the egg for 2-3 minutes, and then cook it — you will get a real Golden egg.

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