American many years of traveling in the tiny cabin he had built with his own hands

Paul Elkins for many years traveling around the United States here in this van that he made himself. Building tiny viladomiu weighing 27 kilograms cost Floor only $ 150. For manufacturing a master used four Billboard of corrugated plastic, a Bicycle for $ 20, six pine boards, duct tape, clamps and screws.

For those who needs a home or wants to travel, this little piece of Paradise can be a real godsend.

Outwardly, of course, a multi function house does not inspire any confidence, but it’s worth a look inside and you’ll be surprised.

In a tiny house has everything you need — a bed, stove, sink, cabinets for food, shelving and space for clothes, led lighting and a skylight.

A skylight, through which you can admire the clear starry sky at night.

“This is a new opportunity for living or travel. You don’t need insurance for car, you do not need to insure the house. What do you need? Food, Paul says. — People who can’t buy a van or build a small trailer, can make a house and to travel”.

Thanks to the domed roof the acoustics in the house are great.

Two upper box, despite the small size and weight, very sturdy and can hold many necessary things.

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