“That’s a surprise!”: 17-year-old British woman found out about the pregnancy 6 weeks before birth

17-year-old Briton Heffer the Saffron (Saffron Heffer) stunned all of his friends, when told that is 7 months pregnant. For most girls this was news, after all this time she was actively engaged in fitness, went to the Solarium and sat on a diet, not knowing about his “interesting situation”.

How this is possible, and that it helped to “calculate” pregnancy, read our material.

Source: The Sun

In this photo Saffron Heffer for 6 months. “How is that possible?”, you ask. The fact is that throughout pregnancy, the fetus in the womb girls lay back to back uterine wall, making her tummy is almost imperceptible.

The Briton says that even to imagine the possibility of pregnancy, so the lack of critical days just blamed on hormonal medications. She is actively involved in sports and often dieted, so I thought that suddenly appeared fatigue — a consequence of fatigue.

The first “bell” has become the emergence of Saffron pigment stripes on the abdomen. The mother, who immediately guessed what it may indicate, asked the girl immediately consult a gynecologist.

Surprise 17-year-old British women knew no bounds when the doctor told her that she is 37 weeks pregnant!

After the experts turned the fruit into the desired position, belly Saffron almost immediately increased. Just imagine how surprised friends teenage mother such a sudden pregnancy!

By the way, during childbearing Saffron miraculously managed to lose a size, that is not a joke alarmed the girl.

“I was beginning to think something is sick, says the Briton. All day I sat at home and did not want to go anywhere. And lost a lot of weight”.

The doctors wrote off as Saffron to anemia and deficiency of vitamins D and B12. But who would have thought that actually the reason is quite different…

Within six weeks after reception at the gynecologist Saffron gave birth to a perfectly healthy boy weighing 3.6 kilos.

She admits that despite the initial shock, happy motherhood.

“I wouldn’t want to change anything, at least the first few weeks have been very difficult to cope with the idea that I’m a mom, says Saffron, a Motherhood is a very rewarding job and I love it. I especially like watching how happy my baby”.

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