Spoon snow preventing: dear Mama bear teaching cubs wits

Each of us learns from someone, and those someone are usually our parents. Judging by these delicious photos, bears in this sense is no exception. In this collection you will see how Mama bear teaching baby bear wits and what they can use in their bearish life: how to fish how to climb trees, how to swim and climb rocks. I’m willing to bet that some of these cutest photos you will definitely find out themselves.


“So, son, row feet!”

“I don’t know why we stood up on his hind legs, but cool.”

“Who whole jar of raspberry ate? I’ll show you.”

— Mom, look what I can do!
— Why are you up there, Dumbo?

“Mom, what is this guy and why is he photographing us?”

“MA-a-am! The guy with the camera we don’t like!”

“Take me, big bear!”.

— Well you mother’s baby!
— Mom, well, I’m not a Bunny, I’m a bear!

“Mommy! There’s a suspicious character staring at us!”

“Go get a hug!”

“Well, mom, I told you not to kiss me in front of my friends!”

“No, mom, no, I don’t want more of this fish oil drink!”

Organized crowd the bears were going to Rob the bees.

— Mom, I’m so sad!
— Go hug!

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