8 unique dishes from Thailand that will satisfy any gourmet

In Thailand, gourmets will feel right at home, because in the local markets, street stalls and night bazaars are always full of fresh products. Some Thai dishes may seem, to put it mildly, strange or at least “alien” for the Western consumer, but they are clearly worth a try. Many of them even healthy. So, if you are going to Thailand (or are reading this post from there), remember the name and go in search of these dishes.

1. Kai Yu mA (Kai Yiew Ma)

The name translates as “eggs from horse’s urine”. Are eggs, which Thai people fry and eat with rice. Its name they received because of the strong urine like smell, not because they are somehow in contact with the horse’s urine. Eggs preserved in calcium carbonate, salt and sodium carbonate — a mixture of clay, ash, salt, quicklime and rice husk. Guests at Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai offer a tour guide to the next market Warorot, where can you buy these eggs, in many forms, from normal to pink. The Chinese call their thousand year old eggs, because they look like they lay a thousand years of rot and preserved. It tastes like ammonia and sulfur, but everyone says it’s delicious. If you eat them with other food and drinks, they enhance the aromas and flavors.

2. Fried worms

In Thailand, fried worms, you can buy freshly prepared and packaged. It is believed that they are very nutritious, a great source of protein and carbohydrates. And they help to detoxify the body. Fried worms can be found in many restaurants in Thailand, they are usually fried with garlic. It is a universal snack in bars, which can be compared, say, to a peanut candy bar in the United States.

3. Ant eggs

Ant eggs are by nature acidic, so they give a kind of flavor to soup. In Thailand often added ant eggs in herbal soups and scrambled eggs. They are rich in protein, low-calorie and low-fat, they are usually used for the treatment of diarrhea.

4. The leaves of shadow

These fresh leaves were collected from neem. When the restaurant Pechdoingham over the leaves, shadow, cooks began to pluck them straight from the trees that grow near the restaurant. It is believed that the leaves of sado prolong life. They taste bitter and are rich in iron, phosphorus and zinc.

5. Blue Fig

Normal white rice cooked with sweet peas flower, and he becomes blue. Special use in painting the figure there, but beautiful. It is believed that this dish is able to reduce stress and overcome depression.

6. Fried insects

This includes grasshoppers, crickets, diving beetles and larvae of silkworm. Incidentally, these delicacies are rich in chitin and calcium. This sort of chips in the form of insects, but inside they can be a little sticky. You can find almost on any street in Bangkok or at a street market in Chiang Mai. In Bangkok even have special tour, in which you can taste this yummy.

7. Salad of raw beef

In northeast Thailand, the locals eat a lot of salads with raw meat, seasoning them with lime juice. For flavor add mint, Basil and shallots.

8. Fried snakehead

Thai cuisine is a kaleidoscope of flavors, and the fish — its bright representative. Snakehead are usually fried and seasoned with onions and garlic. It tastes like catfish, but the toothy head of this fish can scare off even the most daring foodies. It can be ordered in many restaurants in Thailand, especially those located along rivers. Chiang Mai prefer to eat the whole fish, and the most popular restaurant where you can taste this dish — Lumdee Te Khuadang.

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