Oxfam India sets precedence for others to follow; going eco-friendly and sustainable

Oxfam Traiwalker India, India's biggest walkathon has always been conducted at remote locations in Mumbai and Bengaluru. The reason for choosing a remote location is to give the walkers an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy their walk in natures lap and enjoy its beauty. The 100km and 50Km trails at the event are majorly natural path and are clean and free from plastic.

Oxfam Trailwaker India team have always made it a point to keep the environment from being polluted and litter free for this event. Every year the team collaborates with a Sustainability Partner who assesses the trail thoroughly thrice – before, during and posts the event. They have also partnered with 'Earthling first' a Waste Management team this year to help them effectively manage the waste in the most effective manner.

Here are 5 tips from by on how to keep a trail walker pollution and litter-free


Get into the habit of being conscious of being litter-free while you walking during your practice session before the main event. This will help you to be alert and avoid litter during the event.

Reuse and Recycle

Avoid carrying plastic bottled water, stick to reusable and hydra pouches. Carry your own cutlery which you can reuse it throughout the time of the trail. Take your food in reusable tiffins.

Avoid Littering

The need to get rid of garbage using the right methods is a constant learning process, there are few things that can help you to be a litter-free champ. From chewing gums to candy wrappers keep everything in your bag and dispose of it at the nearest bin. The effort of carrying this till you find a bin will make an impact on the environment.

Use Nature

–  Fruits are a quick fix for hunger and dehydration for a trail walker. So while you are walking the trail let nature compost your food waste and fruit peels. This will help in disposing of the waste properly.

While Answering Nature's call

Long walks can be tiring and not every place during the trial will have a loo facility, unless one reaches a checkpoint. Avoid drinking too much water or eat too much in one go. Eat and drink water moderately. In case if you need the arises to answer natures call dig a pit and bury all bodily waste and toilet papers in them. Polluting any water resources such as rivers and lakes can be hazardous for people using these water bodies. 


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