“Man does not change, if he gets everything he wants in the marriage”: a former prostitute has revealed the secrets of the profession

The former prostitute who claims she slept with more than 10 thousand men, is now helping women understand the opposite sex and to build relationships. She wrote a book which revealed the secrets of the profession and spoke about his experience.

After more than ten years in the adult industry 39-year-old Gwyneth Montenegro has written a book about his sexual experience.

Montenegro argues that the focus of men can be women of all shapes and sizes, not just the stereotypical glamorous ladies.

“A little-known secret is that quite a lot of men are not looking for the hottest escorts who are not so classically handsome because they are shy and sometimes inadequate.” And some men prefer Mature women to young girls.

In his new book, “The Secret Taboo — The Ultimate Insider”s Guide To Being a Financially Successful Escort” (“the Secret taboo — hardened insider guide to becoming financially successful employee escort”) Montenegro tells not only about the financial side of the question.

“If you have a large chest, there is a demand. If you have small Breasts, you still have demand. I wouldn’t be too worried about it.”

Montenegro said that the client’s need to be needed and desirable for women. And they really wanted to talk to the girl, which is paid for.

“A woman needs to look like she very much wants this man, even if it’s wrong.”

According to Gwyneth, the secret lies in clothes: a woman should not dress too revealing, it must remain a mystery.

After 12 years of working in the sex industry of Montenegro said that most men did not speak of her for kinky sex, but in order to save their relationship. Many clients, she said, just wanted again to feel like men. Despite the fact that 90 percent of her clients were married, Gwyneth never feels guilty. She claims she saved many marriages.

“It’s very simple: man does not change, if gets all that he wants in the marriage. A man can’t turn off their biological desire. As one of my clients: “I very much love my wife but we have sex three times a year, and I’m a hot man.” Men cheat because they need to satisfy their biological desires. This is not Pretty woman — men don’t leave their wives because of the call girls”.

According to Gwyneth, she was glad to be out of the profession and to teach women how to understand men.

Montenegro said that to the dark depths of the sex industry brought her relentless bullying in childhood and very low self-esteem.

“At school I was bullied because I was very shy. I was an easy target. At that time I had very low self esteem. I was a normal person, normal girl next door that nobody would suspect, in the occupation of escort. At the time I wanted to earn more money, so all this combined with low self-esteem brought me to the adult entertainment industry”.

Gwyneth began a journal at the beginning of their escort career 12 years ago. During this time, she slept with 10 091 man, specifying each such case.

“I wrote this. First, to digress, thought I would describe my experience to help yourself to cope with it”.

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