Icy inspiration — 23 photos of interesting formations of ice

In many places on earth winters are cold, snowy and dark, so many people this time of year like the least. But in the winter something commensurate with all its troubles is an amazing beauty! Winter is like a crazy artist. She uses ice, wind and snow to create a perfect and complex shapes, such as those that you see in this collection.

1. Emerald ice of Baikal. (Photo: Alexey Trofimov)

2. Frozen bubbles. (Photo: Angela Kelly)



5. Folded snow

6. Frozen lighthouse on lake Michigan. (Photo: Thomas Zakovsky)


8. Frozen flower buds. (Photo: Joao Paglioni’s)

9. Frosted cobwebs. (Photo: Robert Felton)

10. A frozen lake. (Photo By Chip Phillips)

11. Ice bloomed

12. Flower after icing. (Photo: Norman Bolduc)

13. Frozen tree. (Photo: Svetlana Casino)

14. Frost on the fence

15. A frozen pond. (Photo: Adam Rifkin)

16. After freezing rain in China


18. The frozen berries. (Photo: Matt Stearns)

19. Frost flowers in the Arctic ocean. (Photo: Matthias WITZ)

20. Pine in frost. (Photo: Cindy Girard)

21. The icy grass. (Photo: Luca Biolcati Rinaldi)

22. Icicles on the blooming Apple tree. (Photo: Thomas Zagler)

23. Grass after freezing rain

24. In the ice. (Photo: Mihai Sararu)

25. Hare or hoar-frost. (Photo By Mark Adams)


27. Bush in icicles. (Photo By Alex Lau)

28. The cushion of snow. (Photo: Miranda Grins)

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