In all the photos Kendall Jenner appears her “twin brother” was a genius of humor and photo montage

Instagram-blogger Kirby Jenner from Los Angeles calls himself an Amateur model, lover of life and, most importantly, the twin brother of the star model Kendall Jenner. This little man with a mustache adds itself to almost every picture “sisters”, and usually this isn’t installation — it is easier to believe that he really is friends with celebrities. Maybe they add themselves to his photographs?

Blog Kirby Jenner appeared in July 2015. Starting with the first entry he’s talking about Kendall Jenner as his sister, with whom they spend a lot of time together: “nanny always called us “the Princess and the goat.” Miss you, Yulanda! #Crouchamania”.

“Kendall has put me on the rollers to jump over people. I said, “No way!”, but she said: “Believe in yourself, Kirby!”, I agreed, tightening the skates and guess what’s next… I jumped over a living person! Of course, I then scraped off the face off the asphalt and nearly sent into a coma by his friend Taco, but I have lived a full life! #Spacebound #Shemalehot dogs #Mobilecontrol”.

In addition to Kendall Jenner, appear in image of her sister and friends: “Kylie lost in the sand the keys, so we all four hours together they were looking for, haha. It turned out that they were in the car who was in the Parking lot, but I still was glad to spend time with the loved ones. Special thanks to St. Bart’s, which saved me from heat stroke. Love you guys! #Sentimentalnyiy #Comandatuba #Cialislilly”.

“Kendall never misses snack time. Even when she had to rush to yoga at a fashion shoot for charity. Being busy is cool, but you need to stay energetic and positive.”

“Drake bell (American comedian and actor. — Approx. Of bigpic) every summer suit in my backyard screenings, and this time he decided in a row to show all eight movies about Harry Potter. I think at this point Hagrid says “You’re a wizard, Harry” and we are all shocked by this news, though, and so knew that Harry was a wizard, lol. #Deliciosamente #Voloshinskaya #Magheralin #Natatralashvili”.

“Got a little upset when Kendall said she didn’t want to be in my photo shoot “Sonny and cher”, however, then cheered: Kim promised to replace it. But then again, I was upset: it turned out that Kim hadn’t rehearsed any of the songs I sent her. To be honest, that’s fine. Just wanted to share. #Servletproperties”.

“Kendall volunteered to go to the pizzeria with my team on hockey skates, but I messed up: said the wrong date and wrong place, and all the season two months ago. But we still ate pizza all day and roamed the streets.”

“This week my world turned upside down. It turned out that Kermit the frog is just a doll. Don’t know, I’m in shock. I feel that all this time I was lied to. This is our fourth joint photo shoot, and I have no idea what to do. I’ll try not to lose heart. #Nikolayevskiye #Agamamedova #ТеперьПонятноПочемуОнМнеНеОтвечал #Seekingalpha”.

“Guys, did you know that flamingos are real?! Learned that we like them three things: 1) we love shrimp, 2) we fear predators hiding in the tall grass, 3) we really appreciate family. And we get a little nervous when dealing with strangers, but Kylie helped us to calm down and focus. #Yoselmolina #Apocalipses #Nataliaallen”.

“I styled my first photo shoot! I suggested the topic “Steve jobs on the beach”, which was inspired by a dream to visit the beach with Steve jobs. The dream ended in a brutal shark attack, but the photo shoot on this one, fortunately, is not over! #Colincampbell #Predstavitelyami #Kapelnyte”.

“Late in the evening trying to glue the aquarium Chloe (the Kardashian. — Approx. Of bigpic): accidentally broke his arrow from his new bow, haha, oops. So at the shoot I fell asleep. Our photographer Patricia fed me candy to Wake you up, but I almost choked to death. So she accepted and decided that with a sleeping person photos will be even more artistic. #НеГоворитеХлоеЧтоЯРазбилЕеАквариум #Endobioticum #Nassaucounty #Awesomemerchandise”.

“Every good dog owner knows that: 1) dogs like to be petted, 2) all dogs go to heaven 3) the longer the tail, the smarter the dog. Well, my dog Andrew has the longest tail I’ve ever seen, so he must be pretty damn smart! He loves to bite, to run and hide under the sofa. However, Kendall is also a cute dog. #Andrew #Vosjmimetrovaya #Priblizheny”.

“Yes, I left the window open, flew more than ten birds and crap everything. I am sure that among them was a fucking penguin. #Serebryanicheskaya #НикогдаРаньшеНеВиделЖивогоПингвина #Delimitation #Benji #Carmen #Lily #Panathinea #Norm #Dante #Virginia #Moonpig #Brody #Salamander #Pricegap”.

“In the new year I promised myself I would finally go with Loriel Kids on Pantene Pro-V but afraid to change the alkalinity of the shampoo.”

“Dinner in new York was much cooler when the waiter removed the masking and found that it is Kanye (Kanye West. — Approx. Of bigpic)! He’s just the king of camouflage and the Prince of pranks! #Edgeiterator #Aseasyaseasyis #Bolshevistskogo”.

“Mom said that if I do ballet along with Kendall, it would have to go with me to roller hockey. But after 15 years, I posing, and Kendall even tighten the rollers still do not know how, haha”.

“Sometimes I get sad that Kendall had not met its potential stardom. She is tall, she has long legs, and she could do these dunks, which I have never seen. I secretly dream about those legs, too, to throw slam dunks, lol. There is little that can bring me the same delight as the broken basketball backboard. I’m still convinced that will soon grow! #Skrestili #Politieneasca #Firstonefinancial”.

“Kendall sat down on a sandwich diet: a month can not be no sandwiches. And me, it made my sandwich police: I need to make sure that she wouldn’t eat them. Actually I did very well with this work: thought she types something into the phone, and ended up eating a sandwich. I guess we are both ill-suppressed pinky swears. #Umanadimoralazio? #Domineestraat #Policeservice”.

“There were all sorts of rumors about me and demi Lovato, but I can assure you that we are just partners in Dance Dance Revolution dancing machine (she always wins). We play Uno together and regularly go to karate with Kendall Jenner. That’s about it. #Kerriidae #Prostituta #ФрендзонаЗвучитКакХорошееМестоГдеотметитьденьрождения #40МинутДумалЧтоДемиЭтоКайли”.

“I usually don’t play with your food, because even just have — so much fun, but when Kevin James asks to portray, as you catch the pizza, just so you won’t. #Salutaguse #Sportlandija”.

In 2018, the blogger started to add not only photos, but video with Kendall Jenner — and makes it so realistic.

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