Bryan Cranston discusses his British accent in The One And Only Ivan

Bryan Cranston has said that the quality of his British accent in his new film does not matter “because the people in the States don’t know any better”.

The actor, who stars in the new release The One And Only Ivan, told the BBC’s The One Show he suggested that his character should sometimes put on an accent from the UK.

His character “was a guy who puts on airs, he tries to create an impression of loftiness and elegance”, he added.

(Jonathan Brady/PA)

“There’s not a person in the States that doesn’t listen to a British accent of any kind and think, ‘How regal, how royal’,” Cranston said.

“We are so enamoured with everything Britain.”

The actor also attempted a Scottish accent during the interview with the BBC One programme.

Cranston plays a circus ringmaster in the new Disney+ film.

The actor also said that on Saturday he plans to drive for more than 15 hours from Los Angeles to Idaho to visit his former Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul.

“He and his young family are taking this pandemic very seriously, as they should,” he said.

“We’re not going to stop at all.”

Aaron Paul (Matt Crossick/PA)

He also discussed his own experience of contracting Covid-19, saying he and his wife were “very fortunate with our symptoms, which were very mild”.

“We got through it, but we’re still adhering to all the protocols, wearing a mask, keeping socially distant when we’re outside,” he said.

“So we’re going to drive straight through to Idaho where Aaron and [his wife] Lauren live now, and we’re going to have fun reacquainting.”


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