One life for two, without anguish and tragedies: a happy Siamese twins

It was once thought that the birth of conjoined twins marks the imminent end of the world, so poor people, fused bodies, tried to sacrifice to the gods or just get rid of them. Later, the Siamese twins who cannot be separated, remained one way — in the circus, to entertain the audience. But in spite of this, some couples are conjoined twins happily managed to live a life.

Chang and eng bunker

Chang and eng were born on may 11, 1811 in Siam on the territory of contemporary Thailand. After the brothers bunker became known to the world, conjoined twins and started to call Siamese. It should be noted that the king of Siam was so overwhelmed by the birth of Chang and eng, immediately ordered to kill the twins in order not to cause the government trouble. But the mother refused to give her boys, and the king was never performed.

While medical technology of the nineteenth century did not leave Chang and Angu no chance of separation: the brothers were TeraCopy (twins, fused at the chest), and in this case always touched the heart. Even with the current level of medicine the chances of survival in the division is very small, but then it meant certain death. Therefore, Chang and eng grew up as ordinary children — in fact, the choice at them was not.

When the brothers were teenagers, they were noticed by British businessman Robert hunter and suggested Chang and Angu to perform in his circus and show off his body and his abilities. It was a big risk, but hunter was an honest man. The brothers toured the UK and USA until they turned 21, and after the end of the contract with hunter became rich people.

Chang and eng moved to USA, took the surname bunker, has signed a contract with the famous circus Barnum Phineas and bought a farm. 13 APR 1843 took place a double wedding: Chang and eng married two sisters Adelaide and Sarah Anne Yates. Married Chang was born 10 children, and eng — 11.

The brothers have lived on their farm in the circle of a loving family until his death in 1874: Chang contracted pneumonia and died in a few hours died and eng. They were 63 years old.

Rosa and Josepha blažek

Sisters from Bohemia (now Czech Republic) born in 1878. Split sisters, conjoined in the pelvic area, was not possible. Parents Rosa and Josepha is so scared that they decided just not to feed the sisters that they died of starvation. It is unknown why they changed their minds, but rose and Joseph rose. Because the study together with normal children, it was difficult for them, parents prefer to teach their sisters the music and, oddly enough, dancing. Sisters played the violin and the harp, and really knew how to dance, each with his partner. They regularly played and in General was a success. And then the rose fell in love.

Her lover was a German officer, who was almost a quarrel Rose sister. Rosa and Josepha were some vulva for two, so about any intimate relationships at first could not be considered. However, later, Joseph relented and allowed her sister to reunite with her lover. And something happened that nobody expected: rose was pregnant. It rose, because each of the sisters had her own womb. The newborn was named Franz. It was a perfectly healthy baby sisters reared together, because it appeared at both. Legally, however, they also both were considered the mothers of FR. The baby’s father, unfortunately, died in the war.

After Rosa and Josepha were novels, one time the sisters even wanted to get married but im not allowed: by law the marriage would be considered bigamy. But in any case, the sisters have come to know and love, and the joy of motherhood.

Died rose and Joseph in 1922. Joseph became ill with jaundice and the doctors suggested that the division rose to at least save her. Rose refused.

“If Joseph die, I want to die,” she said.

Millie and Christine McCoy

Fate black sisters Millie and Christine cruel tests: conjoined at the back and the pelvis, the twins were born in a family of slaves in Northern California. When they turned 8 months, the owner sold them together with the mother, but the new owner chose to immediately resell the twins to the circus freaks. From there, the girls are soon kidnapped. Only three years later found them in England and returned to USA.

Then their owner apparently decided that, in themselves, conjoined twins are not so interesting to the public, and began teaching the girls singing. So Millie and Christine, who had no chance of a separation, nor for freedom, got a chance to realize their talents. Sang the girls are really beautiful.

After the death of the owner of the slave was inherited by his son Joseph, who invented sisters new legend: Millie and Christine became Millie-Christine, a girl with two heads, four arms and four legs. That’s the way he represented their wards. But it doesn’t matter. Millie and Christine sang so lovely that the fans have not come to look at their physical features, and enjoy the voices of the sisters. “Two-headed Nightingale” as he called Millie and Christina became extremely popular. Soon the girls began to sing and to play musical instruments and even dance.

And after the civil war and the abolition of slavery, Millie and Christine is not just their freedom, and became quite wealthy and respected ladies. Musical talent has allowed them to earn a comfortable life. At the age of 58 years, the sisters left the stage and again became Millie and Christine. They returned to North Carolina, bought a house in Columbus and spent the rest of his days, resting from the cares. They died at the age of 61 years.

Abigail and Brittany Hensel

Perhaps the most famous living conjoined twin sisters Abigail and Brittany Hensel of the United States. This is a rare case of surviving (and living a full life!) twins dicephalus: sisters two two heads, one torso, two arms, two legs and three light. Heart and stomach, each their own, but the blood supply between them in common. Two spinal cord end in a basin, and all organs below the waist they have in common. In fact, from dicely look like a man with two heads. And at the same time they are able to lead a full life.

Each of the sisters in control of his half of the body, but Brittany and Abigail learned with such precision coordinate movements that can run, swim, ride a bike or even drive a car (driver license, each their own). The girls went to the normal school and growing up, both dreamed of becoming doctors. Parents strongly supported any Hobbies sisters, and because Brittany and Abigail managed not to feel like outcasts: they never hid the house and tried not to react to the increased attention of strangers. In the end, the girl live a full life: they have many friends and Hobbies.

The girls graduated from University with a degree in “mathematics teacher”, and each received a license. They got a job, but the salary you get one together.

“We will, of course, understood that the salary will have one because we do the work of one person,” says Abby.

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