Wedding quick cooking: a British couple got married in Vegas on a first date

Why spend precious time on the honeymoon period? These newlyweds jumped over the stage of courtship. After a week of Dating they decided to start a family. Love is blind and real marriage: what came of it — read our material.

A couple of strangers were married on Christmas day after the first meeting at the airport. Strange passengers in wedding attire stirred all around. After the first date sweet couple immediately headed to splash out in Las Vegas.

34-year-old Sarah Edwards (Sarah Edwards) met with 36-year-old Paul Edwards (Paul Edwards) on a Dating site Bumple. The first message flew on 15 December, and the voice of each other on the phone, they first heard a week later. And the next day the young people decided to get married.

In order not to waste time Sarah and Paul booked a wedding ceremony in Vegas and agreed to meet at the airport Gatwick. Christmas party and gorgeous wedding attire added a festive atmosphere this beautiful tale of love. The first date confirmed of the heart the waiting pair and finally confirmed the correctness of the choice.

The couple claim that this was completely normal people and never did crazy actions.

“Every time we tried to do things the traditional, but it has not brought happiness to any of us,” says Sarah.

Finally, they decided on a desperate step and have not regretted. Young people don’t remember who first asked to marry him immediately on the first date, but it happened over the phone.

“Let’s do it!” — words that changed Sara’s life and Sex forever. The girl said nothing to my family and friends because I know they will condemn her. The man has two daughters, 13 and 15 from a previous marriage that he, too, has not yet announced the newly made wife.

For the week of communication the couple learned all about each other, past life and future plans. Despite the distance between them was felt a strong connection and mutual attraction.

The bride bought the wedding dress a few days before the meeting, and the groom wore the best costume. When Sarah walked in, Paul was immediately on one knee, and on her finger a ring. Beautiful and excited they evoked happy emotions all around.

After arriving in Las Vegas couple went on a wedding ceremony and formalized the relationship.

The only thing that Mars the story, — lack of understanding from loved ones. In addition, a month before Dating Sarah Sex cheated on his ex-girlfriend, “throwing” it on a tidy sum of 20,000 pounds (more than 1.7 million rubles). But it’s nothing compared to the happiness that the couple received.

“We are open and honest with each other. This gives us confidence in the future. Nothing in life happens by accident,” says Sarah.

Rarely desperate, ready to connect his life with a stranger. Most of us want to get to know a soul mate not to feel sorry about your choice. But time passes very quickly, not worth it to waste.

And you would be able to spit on all the fears and dive head first into the abyss of love?

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