Satyen Hombali’s ‘Poems for You and Me’ is a nice and easy read

Satyen Hombali humbly classifies himself “as an everyman’s poet.” His penchant for penning poetry stems from his influences, that are as varied as Ogden Nash, Albert Camus and Stanley Kubrick

His poems are simple and often evocative. His remarkable ability to rhyme every one of his 100 poems in his book, Poems for You and Me, is both admirable and questionable.

The former, because it calls for a special kind of talent to do so, and questionable as it is not really required at all times. The poems are free flowing, highlight diverse topics like life, love, friendship, loss and more.

They are straight from the heart and therefore will find resonance with readers. The nice part is that you don’t need a dictionary to decipher the vocabulary as is the case with modern day authors. Nor is it complexly constructed where you have to read the same poem multiple times to understand the meaning.


I remember when the light was so bright
Thought I’d change the world, rise to great heights
 An older, wiser man today
 I have no use for the prize
Is it already twilight; Or is it my old, tired eyes.

These lines portray the gentle cynicism of someone who had dreams of changing the world in his youth but wisdom dawned on him in his later years.

There are many such inspiring couplets.

Make Me has a very Percy Bysshe Shelley vibe to it. It reminds of the Ode to The West Wind.

Torch me with the harsh rays of the summer sun
So I can grow
Like a Tall leafy tree
And give shade
To the weary traveller who sits under me.

Pick this book up, it is a nice read. Better than some of the random books that have been published off late.


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