The 10 most expensive medieval weapons ever sold at auction

Men have always been considered to be aggressive, and the more they showed this quality in the Middle ages. When technology allowed us to develop a more threatening and deadly weapons of mass destruction, medieval war, which were attended by a factor of personalization in the fight ceased to seem so terrible. But the battle was fierce and bloody, and the soldiers had to look the enemy straight in the eye. Weapons that heroic time has become a valuable artifact, even legendary. Provide an overview of the most expensive copies that have survived to our time.

10. 13th century, katana sword of Kamakura era — 418 000 USD

Katana swords is a traditional single-edge bladed weapons that were used by Japanese samurai for hundreds of years. Swords were made from the best alloy. 125 of these swords are considered to be the heritage of Japan and are invaluable. In 1992, about 1,100 Japanese swords was auctioned from the collection of Dr. Walter Ames Compton. Sold for $ 8 million on the first day. Among the swords in the collection was one Dating from the 13th century Kamakura era, which sold for $ 418 000 to an anonymous buyer. Today it is the most expensive katana sword, which you ever bought.

9. French officer sword Admiral Lord Nelson — 541 $ 720

Many artifacts are worth a lot of money as belonged to famous historical personalities, as, for example, an officer’s sword of Admiral Lord Nelson, which was found along with a treasure in 2001. Among the things found were papers and documents, awards, jewelry and weapons belonging to Nelson. The trove contained more than 200 years, and was a hidden friend of Nelson Alexander Debianom. In 2002, the collection was sold at auction Sotby”s in London for $ 2 million. The story associated with the collection and detection, appeared in the press in 2004 under the name “the Purse of Nelson”, who was also in the collection, and which, believed, was with him at the time of death of the Admiral in the battle of Trafalgar.

8. 17th century Indian Talwar blade — 717 $ 800

The Royal blade was sold at auction Sotby’s in 2007. This curved European blade with elements of gold inlay and inscriptions. Among the images discovered poppies and Lotus flowers, and the sword dates back to the 17th century. He belonged to the Shah will Ahanu. This is one of the most remarkable finds of the many objects belonging to the Mughal Empire. It was made in the tenth year of the reign Ahana, somewhere in the years 1637-1638. The blade was sold for the sum of seven times the stated on the auction.

7. Imperial hunting knife Qianlong era — 1,24 million dollars

Unique hunting knife belonged to Cannelone, the Emperor of the Qing dynasty. On the handle of the knife is made of rare horns of the antelope, was a secret lock which gave access to the compartment in which he kept the chopsticks and toothpicks. The scabbard was made of Rhino horn, and the picture of the dragons flying in the sky above the waves. The knife was made of gold and inlaid with turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli, from which it was concluded that Imperial utensils of the knife. The weapon was sold at auction Sotby’s in 2009 9 620 000 Hong Kong dollars.

6. The sword of Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil war — 1.6 million dollars

Another sword belonging to famous historical figures, Ulysses S. Grant. He received it in 1864 from residents of Kentucky, when he headed the U.S. army during the Civil war. A sword encrusted with 26 diamonds in the form of initials of the Grant. The weapon was sold for 1.6 million dollars in 2007 at the Heritage auction Austion.

5. Knife “pearl of the Orient” — $ 2.1 million

Knife “pearl of the Orient” — a magnificent weapon, designed and manufactured in 1966, Buster Varinski in my 20 years. After some time, he was considered a world master of bladed weapons. For two years he headed the Guild of masters of bladed weapons. Knife “pearl of the Orient” was created for a Japanese customer. The knife handle is encrusted with 153 emeralds weighing 10 carats, 9 diamonds weighing 5 carats, and more than 800 grams of gold went into the production of blade and handle. For the manufacture of the knife took almost 10 years.

4. The personal dagger of Shah Jahana — $ 3.3 million

This is the second blade from our list belonging to the Shah will Ahanu. In 2008, in London it was sold for 1 700 000 pounds, which exceeded the amount claimed in 5 times. Shah, Jahan Mughals ruled from 1627 in 1657. Its elegant dagger was inlaid with gold inscriptions and patterns. It was in the collection of the Belgian admirer of Asian weapons, porcelain and other art objects. Across it is written the name of the Shah, the title, and the date and place of manufacture.

3. 15th century, the era of the Nasrid dagger — $ 6 million

Daggers with two blades and a handle head, resembling a human ear is the most important exhibits of the Nasrid period in North Africa. Such daggers were widely used in Spain during the 15th and 16th centuries, and in Europe came from Italy. The dagger shows a man with a crossbow, hunting lions, and other animals. In 2010, the weapons sold for a sum six times greater than declared — for 3.7 million pounds.

2. The sword of Napoleon Bonaparte, inlaid with gold — 6.5 million dollars

Everyone knows that on the battlefield Napoleon carried a pistol and sword. Inlaid with gold the sword was with the Emperor at the battle of Marengo in 1800, when he drove the Austrian army from Italy. The sword was passed down from generation to generation Bonaparte, and now she is considered the property of the nation and has no right to leave the country. In 2007, in France one of the descendants of the brother of Napoleon Bonaparte, Jerome, sold the sword to another member of the family. Curved sword, decorated with gold, was made by Nicolas Noel Boutet.

1. 18th century, cutlass, Bao-Teng — 7.7 million dollars

Beautiful sword and scabbard was sold twice in 2006 for $ 5.93 million, and two years later for $ 7.7 million. This is the second weapon in our list, Dating back to the era of Emperor Qianlong. S-shaped sword with jade hilt decorated with floral patterns and made of steel, gold and copper. On the one hand swords depicts Bao Teng, the hero of poetry. The blade itself was made in the Imperial Palace. All of these swords for 47 years was made 90 pieces.

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