10 frequently experienced emotions, which, it turns out, have names

Surely you at least once in life experienced the feeling that what is happening now has happened before. Or from time to time be sad about the fact that you will not see how you will live your great-grandchildren. Are you familiar with what incomparable feeling of comfort and warmth when the window sculpts rain, and you are luxuriating in a warm bed under a blanket? All these difficult emotions and feelings have their own names. Most likely, among them there is the same thing that you often feel but don’t know how to Express.


Not to be confused with hard drugs. Opium is a sudden feeling of excitement, when one gaze meets another. Eye contact, which causes a surge of energy. If it is pleasant to you, most likely, it will be a pleasure. But if your opponent is a potential threat, this exchange of views on the skin can run a nasty chill.

Deja vu

Deja vu is translated from French: deja vu — “seen before”. That feeling when you think you have been in a new place before, or when it seems that the new event is repeated. Deja vu is a fairly common emotion, reported about 75% of the respondents of various psychological surveys.


Ellipsize called sadness, which the person experiences from not see the future. This emotion is most characteristic of elderly people, who watch their grandchildren grow, and worried that he would not live up to some important moments in their lives.


The term chrysalis is derived from the Latin “pupa” meaning one of the stages of development of a butterfly. This feeling of bliss, peace, and security — for example, when you are in a warm and dry house, and the window raging storm.


The so-called feeling of disappointment that you experience after new experience, when you realize that the man is very interesting, but to know him is almost impossible or it will take a very long time. This word in Ancient Greece was called the male half of the house.


So is the desire to weaken the control over your life and less worry. This feeling of liberation when you think: “That would be a child again and nothing to worry about!”


It is a bitter feeling people experience when they receive response to their long-plaguing question and I want to go back in time to tell themselves about the future. There’s a very good saying: “if I Knew where to fall, straws would spread”.


The name for this emotion is formed by adding to the name of the ancient Greek philosopher Zeno, famous for his reasoning about the impossibility of movement and the stillness of time, the name of Mnemosyne, who personified in Greek mythology memory. The essence of this sense — with each subsequent year it begins to seem that the years go faster.


Surely everyone at least once after an argument or some discussion replayed in my head what I had to say and what could be said in response. These imaginary dialogues are called guskey, and in Russian-“wit of the stairs”.

State fugu

No, it’s not about the fish, although in the pictures it is. We are talking about the condition where a person does something, talks, walks somewhere, but not aware of all this, and then can’t remember what all it did. This could be the result of drug or alcohol abuse.

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