Chadwick Boseman found his passion in ‘storytelling’

Chadwick Boseman made his mark behind the scenes as well as on screen.

The Hollywood star produced 21 Bridges, the crime thriller he also starred in as a detective.

“I’m a storyteller. I wouldn’t say that I’m just an actor,” he said in an interview in November last year.

“Being able to touch other parts of the story, other departments and help the film, is what I want to do.”

The Black Panther star, who had colon cancer and has died aged 43, told Simon Mayo how he picked the roles he wanted to play.

“I think I had questions about the character (in 21 Bridges). What makes him tick?

“Very often, that’s what makes you want to do a role…  you’re trying to figure a person out,” he told the BBC radio host.

“Does he have a… higher moral compass? Where does that come from? Who is this guy?”

Boseman attended the British American Drama Academy in Oxford as part of his directing course at Howard University in Washington.

“We’d come to London to see plays on some of our weekends, and just party.”

Asked whether publicising his film in London reminded him of his past, he said: “This is not like the old times. It reminds me of what I was trying to get to.”


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