Tanzanian albinos, whose bodies are worth more than gold

Photographer Eric Laforge documented the tragic history of Tanzanian children with albinism, whose flesh, according to the witches to bring good luck. The country is preparing for presidential elections, and attacks may become more frequent — the people cheer for their candidates.

Laforge called for the institution managed by the charity organization Under the Same Sun. There is guarded round the clock live-albinos. They are released to the street only when accompanied by guards.

“In Tanzania, albinos body weight in gold. Wizards use their body parts — noses, genitals, tongues, fingers and ears — to prepare potions that supposedly bring happiness,” says Laforge.

Photo: Eric Lafforgue / REX Shutterstock

In 2000, there were 76 murders of albinos, though in fact they happened much more. President Jakaya Kikwete has called the attack “disgusting” and “a great shame for the country.” The limb of an albino is from 500 to 75 thousand dollars — and this in a country where the average monthly salary of less than $ 40.

The photographer talked with the children. 14-year-old Emmanuel Festo survived the brutal attack with a machete. He chopped off the arm at the elbow and cut off the fingers on his other hand. He lost four teeth and injured his tongue.

Despite the injury, Emmanuelle likes to draw. He wants to be Prime Minister — to “serve their country”.

Girl of Kabul, Ngarangi also suffered from the attack. In 12 years her hand was cut off while she slept next to his mother. She dreams of becoming a lawyer and to protect the other albinos.

Children and adolescents living at a school for albinos, Tanzania.

A six year old Barracks Kosmas is one of the most horrific stories. In the case of the amputation of his hand was arrested 17 suspects, including his father and younger brother. They cut off his hand and sold it for five thousand dollars.

Tanzanian witch doctor.

11-year-old Mbigou Mathenge recalls how he cut off his hand: “They wrapped her in dirty rags and disappeared in the bushes.”

Kabul, Marengo lost an arm, when sleeping next to mother. Dreams of becoming a lawyer.

Colva lusane, 17 years old. Lost an arm in 2001. During the attack, found out one of the criminals — it was her uncle. “While the arm was cut off, the pain is not felt. As soon as they left, became so painful that I cried”.

16-year-old Penda of Saregama survived the attack at home. “A hand cut off at the elbow is the second strike machete”.

Emmanuel Festo and Pend Saregama.

Emmanuel Festo survived the attack in 2007. He chopped off the arm at the elbow and cut off the fingers on his other hand. He lost four teeth and injured his tongue.

32-year-old Mariam is also an albino, she these children as a mother. In 2008, she lost both hands and the child was wearing at the time.

Sister Miriam Jennifer 16 years. After the attack on Miriam Jennifer spent two weeks hiding in the woods, fearing that they’ll be back. She’s the only one in the institution, not attack anyone.

14-year-old Adam Robert was attacked with a machete. It damaged three fingers. Adam was still alive and told police that the attack involved his father, stepmother and older brother. Neighbors confirmed his testimony, and the perpetrators were arrested. “I’m never going back to his family.”

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