18 inventions of the past that the world was just not ready

“If at first the idea does not seem absurd, it is hopeless,” said albert Einstein. However, it is recognized that sometimes the absurd is absurd and no sense in him not to look. In the last century, some ideas were so revolutionary that society failed to accept them, thereby giving many incredible inventions after passing the initial tests and tests to get to the masses. Which is a pity.

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In the pictures the Swiss engineer M. herder driving a “motorolas” — a motorcycle built into a large wheel with a thick solid rubber tire.

Comfortable mower

The demonstration on October 14, 1957 Power lawn Mower of the Future. The product was a plastic sphere with a diameter of half a meter, which was located on the seat. And power generating system, cordless telephone, air conditioning and even a miniature fridge for a hot day you can cool off.

Glow in the dark tire

In 1961, Goodyear introduced the luminous tires. They were made of synthetic rubber, and the inside of the rim drive was built in the bulb.

Tube for two

Men show the invention called “Bilateral tube” (Double Ender) in new York, 2 June 1949.

Automatic, spray sunscreen lotion

Model Betty Dutter shows how spraying the lotion, at the annual vending show in Chicago, January 19, 1949. Cost is fun for 10 cents.

Hairbrush for bald

Ted Spence, engineer of the Los Angeles-based company for the manufacture of combs, demonstrates the invention for bald, 12 January 1950.

Shelter from nuclear bombs

September 12, 1958, there was a demonstration of the bomb shelters under the ground, which could accommodate 8 to 12 people. The shelter withstood the fall of a 20-megaton bomb in a trotyl equivalent.

The Desk-bed

On pictures 1913 the student rests in a hammock that pulls out from the Desk.

Vibrating bra

The model shows a coiled electrical bra at the 20th international show of inventions in Brussels, 13 March 1971. The product develops and strengthens the chest, vibrate, while it is worn, for example, at work.

Cools the soup spoon

On pictures 1948 the man eats soup with a spoon, specially designed to miniature fan cooled down the hot soup.

Transparent boats

On pictures 1941 model showcases transparent rowing the boat under the name “Lucite”.

Device for tips

On pictures 1955 inventor Russell oaks shows his invention — a device for tipping, which are artificial arm and a box for money that is attached to the waist. Sign No Sale (translation — “not going”) is displayed if tip is not enough.

Chair with one support

Seat-monopod 1953 was designed so that it was convenient to take along and spread out.

Rotator spaghetti

The invention 1968 belongs to Frenchman Alain Lady.

A Bicycle with a rocket engine

For the pictures of German engineer prepares a bike with 12 rockets mounted on the rear wheel. A moment later, after it had been made frame, the bike exploded. Fortunately, the engineer was not seriously hurt.

Sun loungers for sunbathing

On pictures 1964 10-year-old Marnie Smith came up with an easy way for comfortable sunbathing.


Robert Carter floating in the air while testing his invention — a jetpack. Virginia, June 10, 1969.

The maker on the instrument panel of the vehicle

On pictures 1950 and the driver shows his invention — a coffee maker attached to the instrument panel. According to the inventor, the maker has enough water for three cups of coffee. Also the invention can be used for soups, boiling eggs and heating water.

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