As the difference in growth affects the well-being in marriage

Everyone knows how something small can be very precious to our heart. Data from recent scientific studies to a certain extent, confirmed this statement. Revealed that low women are more likely to find happiness in marriage with high partners. Intriguing scientific research has clarified the origins of this unusual phenomenon.

The contribution of evolution

Actor Hafthor Björnsson (height — 206 cm) and his wife, Kelsey Hanson (height — 153 cm)

In a large-scale survey involved 7850 women. Based on these data, the researcher China Dream (Kitae Sohn) found that women who are considerably shorter their life partner, feel more happy in marriage. It turns out that the majority of women first of all pay attention to higher bidders at their heart. Evolution in genetics of the female tendency to choose a high partner.

Although the researchers noticed a pattern: the relationship of happiness and growth partner over time weakens, and after 18 years of marriage, the importance of growth is practically reduced to zero.

A feeling of femininity

Left — boxer Nikolai Valuev (height — 213 cm) and his wife, Galina (height — 163 cm). Right — basketball player Shaquille O’neal (height — 216 cm) and his girlfriend Nicole Alexander (growth of 160 cm)

Another team of scientists conducted an independent study based on survey of 601 women. They were asked to explain why the growth factor was so significant. Most women’s answers were as follows:

  • “The discomfort appeared every time when I had to lower the sight to look into the face of her man”;
  • “No limitations when choosing the height of the heel. You can wear stilettos and stay below men”;
  • “It’s nice to reach up to kiss or hug satellite”;
  • “Next to the tall man I feel feminine and protected at the same time”.

Tall men are smarter

The British Prime Minister (1997-2007) Tony Blair (height — 183 cm) and his wife Cherie Blair (growth — 162 cm)

Those who believe that successful career is enough to be smart, deeply mistaken. Scientists have discovered a strange relationship between intelligence and growth of the person. Most often the pundits are above average height.

The researchers emphasize that we are talking about a very minor difference in intelligence. It therefore cannot be considered undersized men stupid high. The quality of human development plays a crucial role in the level of intelligence in adulthood.

Tall men richer

Footballer David Beckham (height — 183 cm) and his wife, singer Victoria Beckham (height — 163 cm)

The researchers conducted another study to find out the relationship between material well-being and growth. It was found that the higher a man is, the richer. The researchers looked at the facts. For example, in 30 years the income of men is 180 cm tall is 166 thousand dollars more than his colleagues the growth of 150 cm.

A more thorough study of the issue revealed that every +2.5 cm will lead to higher incomes by 2-2,5%. That is, 1% of wealth for each additional centimeter of growth.

High social status

Singer Shakira (height — 157 cm), its civil husband, footballer Gerard Pique (growth — 194 sm), and their two sons

Sociologists argue that “short people” rarely achieve great heights in society. High growth is accompanied by significant social status and social weight. Tall men are more likely to take an active part in social activities that improves the skills of adaptation in society. With skills like that tall men are more likely to reach higher goals.

The ideal difference growth

Left — boxer Vladimir Klitschko (height — 213 cm) and actress Hayden Panettiere (height — 163 cm). To the right is the basketball player Yao Ming (height — 229 cm) and his wife, basketball player E. Lee (growth — 190 cm)

From anthropologist Boguslaw Pawlowski, found that wealth, social status and influence in society are paramount when choosing a partner. The main thing – the difference in growth. Scientist put forward the theory that the difference in growth of 30 cm ensures marital happiness.

Actor Peter Dinklage (height 135 cm) and his wife Erica Schmidt (height 165 cm)

Of course, a happy marriage requires some effort on the part of both partners, and the difference in growth is unable to compensate for bad character or bad habits. A happy and long marriage is possible even with a negative difference when my partner is above the satellite. But that’s another story.

What do you think about the importance of the difference in growth of the partners?

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