Pictures of salt-works from the height that blur the lines between photography and painting

Canadian photographer David Burdeny (David Burdeny) for some time working on a major project. He began to make a series of SALT Fields, Plottings, and Extracts (“Salt fields, and schema extraction”) in 2015 using aerial photography to explore some of the most colorful salt works in the world in Utah, Mexico, and Australia. When you look at these pictures, it is difficult to determine whether these colors and transitions of colors a painting or a photograph, whether they are manmade or created by nature itself.

In an essay about this project said: “the use of amorphous forms, stretching fields of color and vertical, zigzag and smooth lines images Bardini resemble the picturesque expressiveness of Rothko, still, Newman, Dibenkorna and late Willem de Kooning”.

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