People with birthmarks, which are not taken aback and made them part of tattoos

Birthmarks in visible places often forced people to be shy and hide them. The people in these pictures, on the contrary, emphasize your birthmark, inscribing them in the stories of the tattoos — whether it’s a basketball player with ball, mammoth hunters, or a map of an imaginary planet. To repeat this trick and injure moles or birthmarks, we do not recommend — safer just to admire other people’s inventions.

The young man circled with a pen the contours of his birthmark, and get a map of an imaginary world.

The owner of this tattoo portrayed their journey through life and the key points of the route.

You will not understand, where here worked tattoo artist, and nature.

Cookie monster from “sesame Street” and cookie.

Pacman hunts for the mole.

Mr. Potato head.

A reference to the famous mole Marilyn Monroe.


Burning match.

Couple of carrots.

Fire pokemon Charmander.

Caption: “a Good tattoo can save a bad body.”

Basketball player.

The Philippine eagle.

Owl in the cage.

A flower that grows in Hawaii, and the outlines of the Islands.

Mr. Hankey from the television series “South Park.”

Map of Alabama with a mole on the site of the city of Auburn.

Mandala around the birthmark.

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