14 types of “American beauty”

Photographer from San Francisco, Kerry frut implemented the project “American Beauty”. It was attended by 14 of naked women lying in the petals of lilac. Thus, the artist seeks to convince viewers that female beauty does not depend on age, body type and skin color.

The creation of this series of photographer inspired the famous movie poster Sam Mendes “American Beauty”, which depicts a Nude actress Mina Suvari in rose petals. “This scene represents the essence of men’s sexual fantasies. Almost all beauty in the mainstream somehow resemble the girl from the film. But in America, so look not all women,” says Kerry fruit.

Their photo shoot, the artist strives to help women feel beautiful regardless of how much their appearance differs from stereotypes in popular culture.

1. It looked like the original poster for the film “American Beauty”.

2. Unlike the flawless image of a model photographer was not as perfect as the girl that embodies the American beauty.

3. In addition, the rose petals were replaced with lilacs, which, in the opinion of the photographer, associated with pride, beauty and confidence.

4. This project serves as a protest against the idealization of the female image.

5. Also with this project, the photographer wanted to show that female beauty is diverse and goes beyond what people see in movies and advertising campaigns.

6. “Every day we see images and the images of flawless beauties in the press and on the Internet, but they are not realistic. It’s a fantasy. Then we look in the mirror and see someone who does not meet these standards of beauty. However, I think it’s time to change things and to give power back to reality, not delusion”, talks about his project fruit.

7. The project involved women of different ages and physique. Each model is independently selected pose.

8. “Allowing yourself to stay in the role Dreamgirls and releasing their fears, they liberate themselves from the big mistake — a waste of energy to think about the fact that they are not attractive,” explained fruit.








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