The history of the Leonards Cianciulli, serial killer, turns his victims into soap and cupcakes

According to the stereotypes, Italian mom, Granny, caring and loving, always watching to their child was well fed and treated kindly. Well, Leonard Cianciulli was clearly from another test. Of course, she adored their children, but when in 1939, learned that her eldest and most beloved son want to take in the army, decided that his rescue is necessary… human sacrifices.

In the period from 1939 to 1940 the strange woman was sent to the light three innocent ladies. Scheme was always the same: Leonard lured lonely neighbors to itself, hocus wine with the drug, and then killed with an axe. The corpses were dismembered and dissolved by caustic soda, then boiled the remains of the soap. And the blood used to prepare the cupcakes, which they treated their relatives and neighbors. For their murder Cianciulli received 30 years in prison and three years in a mental hospital for criminals.

It is unclear at what point in its tragic life, full of superstition and mysticism, this poor woman was crazy, but in the history of the criminal it all went down.

Known by the nickname soap-boiler, of Correggio, Cianciulli Leonard was born in 1894. Her childhood was more than unhappy: the girl born of rape to his mother, who, according to the memoirs of the Leonards, had always hated her with all my heart. Teenage Leonard twice tried to commit suicide. Later all their failures in life, she explained that her mother left her a curse.

In 1914 she married a minor official, Raffaele Pancardi to which her parents were regarded with disapproval, since he occupied a higher position in society. Cianciulli claimed that after the wedding, the mother cursed her and condemned to life in misery.

Leonard young

Of course, there was no evidence of the curse, but it’s hard not to believe in him, if you look at the life Cianciulli after marriage. A few years after marriage her husband Cianciulli put in jail for fraud and three years later her house was destroyed by an earthquake. After that, the couple moved to Correggio, where Cianciulli opened a small store and has earned an excellent reputation as a good, affectionate woman, caring mother and a lovely neighbour.

During the marriage Leonard became pregnant 17 times, of which three pregnancies ended with miscarriages and ten children died at a very young age. Prior to this superstitious woman was a fortune-teller who told her that she will marry but all her children will die one after the other. That is why the four survivors she was protecting in all possible ways. Later Cianciulli went to the palmist that did nothing to overcome the fear of women before the curse.

“On your right hand I see prison, said the palmist. — On your left hand — psychiatric ward”.

Under the pressure of the curse, in her opinion, left a mother, and predictions Leonard Cianciulli became very superstitious. Perhaps, if life is so filled with superstition, curses and fortune tellers, she would never kill.

In 1939, the woman learned that her eldest and most beloved son of Giuseppe needs to join the Italian army. Determined to protect him at any cost, Cianciulli suddenly decided that it requires human sacrifice, and I chose three of my neighbors, middle-aged women. Some sources claim that Leonard practiced sorcery, and these ladies came to her for advice; others say that women came to her, just neighborly. Whatever it was, she began to plan their murders.

Three victims Leonards Cianciulli

It all started with that old maid Faustina Setti appealed to Cianciulli to help her find a husband. Leonard said that any candidate is waiting for her in the city Sex and she needed to go there by informing your family and friends that she’s leaving and that she is doing just fine. For his “services” by Leonard took Setti 30 thousand, almost all available women savings.

On the day of her departure, Setti came to visit Cianciulli to say goodbye, and agreed to drink a glass of wine, not knowing that there mixed with the drug. Leonard killed the naive woman with an axe and cut her body into nine parts, gathering the blood in a basin. Later in his memoirs Cianciulli described what happened next:

“I threw the pieces in a large pot, added seven kilos of caustic soda, which I bought to make soap. Then I kneaded the mixture until everything is turned into a dense dark mass, which I poured into several buckets. It was a good soap. As for the blood in the bathroom, I waited until it thickens and then dried it in the oven, mixed it with flour, sugar, chocolate, milk and eggs, and a small amount of margarine and kneaded the dough. I made lots of cupcakes for tea, and offered them to the ladies who visited me, we Giuseppe also ate them”.

The second victim, Francesca Soave, believe the statement made by the Leonards that found her a job at a school for girls in Piacenza. Like Setti, Soave wrote to family and friends about your move. And also drank goodbye by Cianciulli unusual wine. And also turned into soap and cakes. The murder occurred on 5 September 1940. On Soave killer-mylovar earned 3 thousand lire.

Later in prison, Leonard Cianciulli wrote a memoir, which is titled: “Recognition of embittered souls”

The third and last victim Cianciulli was a former Opera singer at La Scala, who has a great soprano Virginia Cacioppo. She Cianciulli allegedly found work as a receptionist in a mysterious impresario in Florence.

“She got into pot, like the previous two… her flesh was fat and pale, when I melted. I added a bottle of Cologne, and after long boiling had the opportunity to make cream soap is quite acceptable quality. I distributed them to neighbors and friends. And, by the way, the cupcakes turned out delicious: the woman was very sweet,” wrote the killer in his memoirs.

Though Cianciulli and thought I had everything covered, something she missed. Unlike his first two victims, who had a limited social circle, Cacioppo had a sister-in-law, and it is very interesting. She did not believe the letters, telling about the sudden departure, and saw Cacioppo entered the house Cianciulli that night when he had to leave. Their suspicions she reported to the police, and soon Leonard was arrested.

Leonard during a court session

As a result, the killer got 30 years in prison and three years spent in a mental hospital for criminals. As it turned out, the palmist was right.

Leonard Cianciulli died of cerebral stroke in the women’s mental hospital for criminals in Pozzuoli 15 October 1970. Objects passing in her case, including the pot in which the cooked sacrifice, exhibited at the Criminological Museum in Rome.

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