Old Christmas decorations can make you a millionaire (or not do)

No one will argue with the fact that Christmas decorations are designed to create a festive Christmas mood. But not everyone knows that some decorations for the “green beauty” can lift your mood even without the New year, and how! This convinced the Yekaterinburg, which became the glass balls, cones and hares ruble millionaire.

Many of us cleaning in the pantry or garage, came across old toys that our mums and dads and sometimes grandparents decorated the Christmas tree. Some use them to their destination, others prefer modern toys, more vivid and not so fragile. And some even managed to get rid of them, throwing or razdori familiar.

Vladimir Schneider, 56-year-old military pensioner from Ekaterinburg, found in inherited from my parents old apartment Christmas decorations, and at first did not give his discovery any difference. Decorations stored in the attic in a dusty cardboard box. Each toy was carefully wrapped in paper and layered with wool.

In the pantry was stored over hundreds of toys and when the man removed them all, he was just taken aback.

“At first I grabbed his head: “Where so many of them?” None of the tree will not stand. I decided to throw. Yes, sorry — still their mother so many years together. Give, I think, sell. Penny, any kind of rescue. I went online to see how much this stuff can sell. And gasped! Toys of the 50s years, some 50,000 were sold, and the other 100 000! So, I’m a “treasure” found!”.

Bunnies and gnomes on primako, namely toys with this type of mounting are prized by collectors above all, auctions can cost tens of thousands of rubles. Familiar to many from childhood glass hut on the steel clip bought for 5 thousand rubles, but the toy “Stargazer” is likely to “pull” for as many as 50 thousand.

Expert on Antiques Vyacheslav Sreebny shed light on the formation of price policy among collectors. It turns out that the custom of decorating a Christmas tree appeared in the USSR only in 1937, and the first toys were made from wool.

Classic example — “Girl on swing”. The body of this toy is cotton, and the head is made of papier-mâché with painted manually by a person. The girl is wearing a dress from fabric, sewn by hand. This is an interesting “retro”, and the auction for such a thing gladly pay 5 thousand rubles.

But Vyacheslav advises not to hurry with the sale, because on the Internet you can find a collector who will gladly lay out for a rare Christmas toy 150 thousand! According to the expert, are considered the most valuable ornaments of glass that the industry started producing in the 50-ies.

“These toys were painted by hand, the same two you’ll find. For each of them can be sold for 1500 rubles. The toys, made by hand price is 10 times higher than factory — continues Vyacheslav. Especially prized collection of toys. For example, the collection “the tale of the fisherman and the fish”, which was released in the year of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Pushkin. To put them together very difficult, collectors hunt for them. I saw a toy on the Internet was selling for 22,000 rubles.”

Vyacheslav demonstrates reporters his extensive collection of Christmas decorations. Among the balloons and stars, a large Santa Claus on stand. The collector says that once upon a time I bought this figurine from papier-mache over 1.5 thousand people, who did not know its real price. Now the vintage grandfather could probably sell for 8 thousand on any specialized auction.

The price of things is affected by many different factors. Cracks and chips reduce the cost of toys, sometimes 90%. Distressed paint decoration reduces the cost by 30%, and very much crumbled — up to 70% of the cost. Age toys define a special directory, so as to mark them in the manufacture was not accepted. The most comprehensive directory of such products is considered a guide-catalogue “Christmas decorations 1936-1970 years.”

The directory contains photos and detailed descriptions serial Christmas toys, with the exact date of issue and the name of the manufacturer or the farm. It is directory of check experts, when you evaluate the product when buying or selling.

Expensive can be not only cotton and glass Christmas ornaments. Collectors are also appreciated, paper, cardboard and even foam toys.

Unfortunately, in the 80-ies the era of products “with soul” ended. Manufacturing Christmas decorations put on a stream that has significantly influenced their originality.

The country was flooded with millions of glass balls, icicles and lumps that and now there are many. Vyacheslav Sreebny claims to sell products that are released 20-30 years ago, can be 100-200 rubles, which will agree, quite a bit.

By the way, Yekaterinburg Vladimir Schneider, learning about fallen down on his wealth, not in a hurry to sell. Retired reasonably believes that in 10-15 years the cost of toys will be even higher, and that’s when you can think about finding buyers.

“I am not dependent on money. So these beautiful Christmas decorations will leave your grandchildren! And if they want they can sell…”

Vladimir is going again and fold vintage toys in a box and send them out of sight back to the mezzanine storage area. It should be noted that the parents of the men took very good care of the safety of Christmas decorations, carefully wrapping them and putting soft material. Vyacheslav Sreebny recommends wrapping fragile treasures paper towels, and wool, as well as to ensure that they do not move inside the container during transport.

But not only sought after Soviet toys, and decorations from other countries. Not so long ago at auction DBA, part of eBay group, was discovered a lot with Christmas decorations of the Third Reich. Posted on the website for sale 12 Christmas decorations with Nazi symbols Dane Claus Dansborg.

Over a dozen items in perfect condition, the man wanted to 1200 pounds (more than 100 thousand rubles). But a spokesman for the DBA, Sophie Golden Lund, said that the company decided to remove the ad Claus, because for some users it might be offensive.

The owner of a Nazi Christmas decorations in a media interview, said that he had purchased them in the “flea market” in Lithuania. Dansborg explained his purchase of the fact that these products seemed to him grotesque. Despite the fact that Denmark is not allowed to trade items with Nazi symbols, Klaus was sympathetic to the position of DBA and was not angry at the administration site.

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