Exotic delicacies that are hard to eat, not eyes closed

You can sample the local delicacy is a must — see tourist programs. Now even the special gourmet tours to suit you. In Paris for fried frogs, Vietnam for rice wine with recessed in this snake. But sometimes, I go into a restaurant thousands of miles from home, poke at random in the menu and you bring that would make your blood freeze.

1. Century egg

Popular Chinese appetizer of chicken or duck eggs, which for several months kept in a mixture of clay, ash and salt. Often eat without cooking, but is sometimes used as a component of salad or added to rice porridge.

2. Fried tarantulas

In selling in any market of Cambodia. In South-East Asia seems to be fried and eaten everything that crawls, flies and swims. Don’t want spiders? Then eat the locusts.

3. Shiokara

The Japanese are big fans of experiments with seafood, squid marinated in its own guts and leave for a month in a sealed package. Yum!

4. The Cass mn

Translated from Sardinian language — rotten cheese. Actually it’s not rotten, but live cheese fly larvae are inside. Those who eat recommended when you have a meal to wear glasses. Often troubled larvae jump out to a distance of 15 centimeters.

5. Sandwiches with beef brain

Initially to put the brains of cows in a bread invented by the British colonialists in India. For Hindus, as you know, the cow is a sacred animal, and the conquerors in this way entertained. In our days, these sandwiches are popular in the southern United States.

6. Smalahove

Stewed sheep’s head is a popular Christmas dish in Norway. First eat the ears and eyes. This, they say, the most delicious part of the lamb. Smalahove is served often with potatoes.

7. Eye tuna

The eyes of love and in Japan. But, of course, of marine origin. Usually tourists have a choice: is eye tuna steamed or lightly roasted. The taste is vaguely reminiscent of an octopus.

8. Fried Guinea pig

In Peru since the times of the Incas bred Guinea pigs for food. The dishes of fried to a crisp stuffed animals called kui. So when you’re in a Peruvian village and see walking around the yard Guinea pigs, do not be touched. Once reached a certain weight — go to slaughter.

9. Beondegi

South Korean counterpart seeds — steamed or boiled silkworm pupae. Those who had the opportunity to try disagree: the taste of beondegi resembles either rubber, or wood.

10. Cookies with wasps

And again about Japanese cuisine. This snack is prepared from a particularly nasty black wasps that actively prey on grasshoppers and dig holes in the ground. Insects are boiled in boiling water, dried and kneaded with the dough of rice flour. For those who are sorely lacking protein.

11. Balut

Boiled duck egg, which has formed the fruit with fins, cartilage and beak. The fruit itself, in fact, eat. If you are interested, go to Laos, Malaysia or Thailand.

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