What does Santa Claus in the rest of the year

Photographer from Toronto Mary Beth Koez wondered what Santa does during the rest of the year. After Christmas and a cheerful fat man has fulfilled all its obligations in a Santa has a whole year to do other things.

Armed with a camera and a healthy dose of curiosity, Mary Beth began her project “Santa’s season”. In the course of the project she is traveling, communicating with people who wear the red suit for Christmas. Most of the heroes project Mary live in Florida. Of course, because why would Santa spend the whole year at the North pole?

Santa Ernie Tedrow a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He moved to Orlando after his mother’s death and began his career in the hotel business, where he reached the position of Director of sales and marketing. Describing whatever he was doing, being a real Santa Claus, ERI said, “One week a month I would have to travel. In the morning, I flew into Chicago, along with the customer at the limousine went to the restaurant, then was signed he contracts, and in the evening he would fly home to eat dinner. I love this!” Now Ernie lives in Tamarac (Florida) with his wife, which married for 23 years. He is the administrator of the community of condos.

67-year-old Santa John Snyder, was awarded the Purple heart medal for participation in the war in Vietnam, was born and raised in new York Queens. “When he returned from the army, I wanted to be a playboy for a while until you calm down — I wanted some time free to sow my wild oats, so to speak. Then I met my future wife, fell in love with her by the ears and married, so the plans had to be abandoned”. For several years John was the President of Mensa, the oldest and largest society of people with high IQ in South Florida. Now John and his wife live in the city of Kendall, Florida.

77-year-old Santa lance Willock, a former salesman of Peoria, Illinois. Music has always been his passion. He ran home from work on Fridays, primevals and went with his band to entertain in the popular institutions of the city. “I met my wife rosemary when played in the club. She had no idea what it was going to end. I think she must have run away somewhere if I knew, than all it will turn”. Lance and rosemary now live in a retirement community in Stuart, Florida.

Santa Joe is a large and loving Catholic from new York’s Bronx. A few years ago Joe and his wife bought a condominium in Margate, Florida. 80 houses in their village living friends and relatives of Joe from the Bronx. “We grew up together and now want to grow old together,” says Joe.

Santa Greg Henry — carpenter in one of the boat shops in palm beach gardens, Florida. “I’m doing very expensive toys for very wealthy boys and girls” — said Greg. His career in this field began with a love for construction, and experience, Greg is already more than 40 years. “The only thing I do, is coffins. To me it’s just not very interesting.” Many years ago, after a difficult divorce, Greg spent two years working as a stripper. “My stage name was Grizzly Greg, because I had a beard and I was quite hairy. At that time I realized that is really hard to take their clothes off when standing.”

Santa Roy police officer retired, which was named one of the 10 best law enforcement officers in Florida in 1984. Now he runs his own detective Agency, with more than 40 years of experience in law enforcement. In his spare time Roy is playing the banjo with his son, and sings in the band. He also collects old flags, political Souvenirs and Japanese swords.

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