Here is a twist! After five years of marriage, the husband saw a baby picture wife

Do you believe in fate? If not, then perhaps this story about the Chinese couple are slightly correct in your opinion. The husband and wife have been married for five years, but recently amazing happened. The man was looking through baby pictures of his wife and found one of the photos himself.

Xue and yeah got married five years ago and until recently, were confident that they met through friends in 2011. It turned out that their acquaintance took place much earlier. This detail is revealed when the couple were visiting the wife’s mother. The couple gave birth to twins, and yeah it was very interesting, who are like children. With this question he turned to his mother who gave the man an old photograph Xue.

“We were at home at Tiffany’s, and I was looking for old pictures of his wife to see who will be more like our children — her or me.”

One of the photos was shocking yeah. The picture was taken in July 2000, during a trip Xue with her parents in Qingdao. The parents took a picture of 17-year-old daughter against the backdrop of local sights. But what was a surprise yeah, when he saw in the background itself. It turned out that Xue yeah, and at one time came with his family to Qingdao, but did not pay each other attention.

And it’s not the only coincidence in the life of a couple. Before getting married, young people learned that in childhood they lived in the same house, however, the building was so big that they never met.

Now the pair is confident that they are just made for each other, and their Union is fate. Xue and yeah even visited the monument where there was their first meeting, and this time deliberately made a joint photo.

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