10 creepy urban legends that turned out to be true

The world is full of mysterious stories and legends, which are used to tell sitting around the campfire, late in the evening. Some of them seemed to freeze the blood in your veins, but it is reassuring that it’s just fiction.

Definitely fiction?… After all, legends of the world actually turned out to be true.

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Hristovska cow

It was assumed that on the outskirts of new Jersey haunting “cow Ghost”, which only appears in foggy days and disappears quickly. About the mysterious animal told police, but to understand this, the guards do not even have, because for decades in the neighborhood was not a single dairy farm.

But one day in 2002, it was reported stuck in a ditch a sick old bull. Veterinarians came to the conclusion that the animal is best put to sleep, because it was very weak and, apparently, suffered. It is obvious that the bull escaped from the farm and decades spent wandering around the woods. After this incident, “cow Ghost” never came back.

The Ant Hill Kids

“As a child I lived in a rural area of Ontario, Canada, and the parents kept telling me that I did not go far into the woods. It was rumored, there lived a monster that pulls everyone in their home, and after meeting with him home, no one came back”.

In fact, this monster was Roch Theriault (Roch Thériault) is the leader of the cult, The Ant Hill Kids. Theriault was sure that soon the Apocalypse will begin, so turned into the Church of seventh day Adventists, and lived by their rules: no tobacco, no junk food, no alcohol or drugs. Using his natural charisma and gift of persuasion, the man persuaded a group of people to leave work and go to the forest to live as hermits.

Roche and his mistress

Over time, the rules of terio in relation to the members of the cult became more and more strict, until such time as the participants were not forbidden to talk in the absence of a leader. People who wanted to leave the sect, tortured by rods, suspended from the ceiling and beaten with hammers.

Theriault used many other disciplinary practices. He forced the community members to break his legs with a sledgehammer, shoot each other in the shoulders, eat their feces, insects and rats. He tied the children to a tree and forced others to throw stones at them.

All this lasted until until in 1989, after more than 10 years, Theriault is not planted.


Perhaps this is one of the most innocuous stories on our list. One day in the area of Tampa, FL bred “lizatel Shoe.” At least, so it was called by the locals.

There were rumors that he came to all the people in public places and asked them “to show him the sole”. When his request was fulfilled, he suddenly fell to the floor and began to lick. Of course, a long time, everyone thought it was someone’s stupid joke, but was “lizatel shoes” are real!

The video with the “slime”

A homeless man is a tall, lean man, age 20-30 years. It is more common in the area of Ybor city. It turned out that the “slime” is “master”, who demanded that the boy licked shoes all passers-by.

The House Of Fairies

Some time in Washington, there were rumors about the house fairies located somewhere deep in the woods. Once the Park Ranger set out to find a mysterious place and suddenly came across something terrible. The man saw the tree house, which contained a variety of child pornography. Ranger pulled her to the ground, and when I came back, someone already dragged her into the house.

In the end, the owner of “house of fairies” failed to calculate and arrest.


“As a child I heard a legend that “something” in the area of Northern Nevada makes people disappear. I always thought it was the work of aliens. When he grew up, I realized that behind these disappearances is something even more terrible. There were rumors about a serial killer who mainly attacks on truckers and motorists.”

The author of this story admits that trying to avoid this place and always carry a gun. However, like many other frightened local.

The project МКULTRA

МКULTRA — secret CIA project aimed at studying the means of manipulation of human consciousness, including psychotropic substances. For a long time in the existence of this project no one believed, calling it all fiction. But later leaked the data, which were described in detail one of the “experiments”.

One of the children many times filmed during sex with high-ranking officials, to then use this record to manipulate them. So managed to get funding for the project. I can only imagine what information was stored in other documents, which were promptly destroyed…


In the 70-80-ies in Staten island, new York, went to a legend about some monster Cropsey, who kidnapped small children. For locals it was like a Boogeyman, but it turned to be a real person.

The police managed to find out that all abductions is the crazy maniac, who was later caught and convicted. After the crime had ceased, and Cropsey’s “disappeared”.

The hermit of North Pond

At several recreation centers in the US among the tourists occasionally disappeared food and personal items. People began to suspect this mysterious man supposedly seen a couple of times in the woods.

It turned out that the thief actually exists. It was Christopher knight, better known as “the Hermit of North Pond”. The man had been in the woods for 27 years, and made during this time about a thousand thefts. Knight was pretty picky and usually stole only the food, which was long preserved. As he later himself admitted, to give up a normal life and go to the forest, he decided under the influence of the Chernobyl tragedy.

Secret military base

One American student told a story about how one day took a chance to be expelled and to prove the truth of urban legends about secret underground tunnels. Together with his friends he found the descent into the mine and literally “caught in 1945”.

“The tunnel was just huge, but surprisingly, they are all well preserved. There were even underground Parking with four jeeps (rotted tires). It seems that the garage was under the University’s football field.

The tunnel led to the cafeteria, the administration building, every Dorm, an old abandoned part of the campus in which it was impossible to get from the surface. Soon we realized that he was in the remains of the hospital/morgue. There still stood a hospital bed, hung the curtains and surgical gowns. On the tables was even medical devices, scalpels, saws, pliers and things.”

Green man

Almost every night the night in the streets of Pennsylvania, USA, wandering “the man without a face”, which was also called the “Green man”. The locals were afraid of him creeps up on the skin and, if necessary, they frightened their children, and it was a real person, received in childhood, serious electric shock.

The man lost his nose and eyes, so went outside only at night to not scare anyone. But the opposite happened…

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