“Give us something!”: Mardi Gras New Orleans in pictures of Bruce Gilden

The photo of Bruce Gilden from the new Orleans series show the madness of carnival, Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday. In the late 70’s to this day a talented photographer wandered among the festive audience of New Orleans. And filming, filming, filming…

“New Orleans is my favorite city in America after new York. It has a lot of soul,” says photographer Bruce Gilden.

From 1974 to 1982, he seven times visited New Orleans to capture the debauchery that accompany the Mardi Gras celebration. It is celebrated on the last day of carnival Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Catholic lent.

Bruce Gilden is a celebrated photographer known for shooting on the streets with extremely close range. In 1998 he joined the Agency Magnum Photos. He brought the genre of street photography in new directions, documenting the essence of the people he meets, and social landscape in which they operate.

But this series Gilden has created much earlier. In 1974 a young photographer first went to Mardi Gras to film her first personal essay, far from his native new York. A special celebration this holiday is celebrated in New Orleans, Louisiana. Stepping into town, the photographer was in “the pagan dream where you can be whatever you want.”

Gilden has made seven trips to the chaos on Bourbon street. The energy, the mentality, the social and cultural customs of Mardi Gras were new for the photographer, but he captured the fancy of the crowd with the same force and intensity that characterize his iconic new York street photography.

His latest photobook Gilden called “Hey, mister, throw me some beads!” (Hey Mister, throw me some beads!). It is an iconic phrase in the street slang of New Orleans, which means “Give us something!”. Her screaming spectators standing along the streets, where the carnival parade during Mardi Gras. In response, onlookers flying plastic beads, tin coins and other trinkets.

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