How to protect a Christmas tree from harmful and daring Pets

Perhaps all those who have Pets, know how animals get nervous during the Christmas and new year holidays. The explosions of firecrackers and fireworks, a full house with not very familiar people, some strange items for interior decoration… First, cats and dogs watching the master carefully decorates a Christmas tree, then frolic with toys, which they believe, hung especially for them. It all ends with the overturned tree and around the house scattered broken or broken jewelry.

Well, dear pet lovers, you no longer have to choose between pet and tree. We have prepared for you some life hacks, how to protect Christmas decorations from curious claws and teeth. By the way, no animal was hurt.

The best way to trim the tree, if the house Fox.

If the dog constantly chews garland, you can try to put the vacuum cleaner to protect the tree.

Absolute protection from attacks.

Christmas tree against the laws of gravity.

Tree for cat owners.

Imaginary tree and real decorations.

In the house the cat? Then you need a cage. For the Christmas tree.

The owners of this koteyki came up with a way to discourage the animal from toys: for every attempt to destroy Christmas decorations it for fifteen minutes dressed up in a Santa suit.

Some people can’t be trusted with the tree.

Such a tree is hardly touched. If they do — the punishment will be brutal.

A vacuum cleaner is the best parenting tool harmful cats.

The new year protected.

Transparent film is also an option.

Protivostoyaniya fence.

When the house is a real caudate mean spirited, you have to be creative.

She is not half dressed. Tree is fully dressed.

Organic fir tree with maximum protection from attacks.

The pear hangs — it is impossible even to jump.

When you really want a Christmas tree, but Pets are not allow.

Where is the tree?

From cats, dogs and children.

Use the walls creatively.

Well, what New year without a Christmas tree! Even if it is of blankets.

At least some hint of the occasion.

None shall pass!

If you hang this higher up, there is a chance that cats won’t get.

Christmas tree made of beer — problem solved!

Abstraction is our weapon against prying claws and teeth.

When very bad, at night you can close the cardboard tree, and then woke up to the sound of the falling tree.

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