If necessary try using a lubricant

Q) I’m a 40-year-old woman. Recently, my husband removed the foreskin of his penis as part of a religious ritual, and now I don’t get the sexual pleasure that I used to. Now my husband’s penis is rough, with no lubrication either, which is painful. Before, a lubricating liquid used to ooze from under the foreskin, which used to give me immense pleasure. What am I to do? To avoid friction, can the foreskin be regrafted?

 A) You are most probably not lubricating sufficiently during sexual intercourse. Spend more time on foreplay, get aroused well, and then try for genital sex. Circumcision (what your husband underwent) is not the cause. If necessary, you can use a lubricant like Vagisil Lubricant.

Q) I’m a 26-year-old woman, recently married. I experienced heavy bleeding after having intercourse for the first time, but I had no pain and the bleeding did not last long. I’m afraid now, as this is not due to the hymen break. How this is happening? Please advise.

A) Why do you say that the bleeding is not due to the rupture of the hymen? Either a little leftover menstrual blood (if you had the intercourse immediately after your period) or a minor bruise or abrasion might be the cause of the bleed. As long as you don’t have pain, irritation, itching etc. just ignore it. If you are concerned, then get examined by a gynecologist.


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