Wafer rolls and 5 more insane dishes with cooking websites

Some cooks follow recipes, and if you deviate from them, just a little bit. But others give free rein to imagination and decorating talents and create a unique cuisine — unique in the sense that to repeat that few people want. At the sight of these photos, we remembered what a gift begged the Kid Carlson: “I’m the most patient person in the world, and I have nothing else. Except, maybe… any cake is huge, a mountain of chocolate and maybe even a great big bag of candy!”

Source: Jjournal/ilonaborisovna

The hostess decorated the cake with marshmallow and jelly to make guests could eat sweet before proceeding to the sweet.

We had two chocolate bars, wafer rolls, one strawberry and lots of chocolate dragees of all kinds and sizes.

The waffle is still nothing. They say someone tried pie Oreo cookie. They say it’s even tasty. We probably believe these people at their word: we have only one kind of these images, the blood sugar jumps.

Bananas, rice, bread, biscuits, pasta, raisins. Zainichi our editors calculate the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in it, so to speak, a platter, crying and beg to say, that this is just a joke. But even if the joke — why do you mock the food?

Well, what good to disappear, if the house is left over pasta. I wonder if they get stuck?

After some pasta we jokingly decided to Google “dumplings dumplings”. Naively thought that invented a new dish. It turns out that people cook the meat in the test in the test. It remains only to bake a pizza pie with dumplings — get meat in the dough in the dough, and all this on the test. Google already afraid: suddenly she was there.

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