20 interesting facts about Antarctica that you didn’t know

In January 1820, a Russian expedition led by Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev discovered Antarctica, the existence of which hitherto only speculated. Today we bring you an interesting and little-known facts about the farthest South of the continent — the highest, driest, windiest, least populated and coldest spot on earth.

1. One time in Antarctica it was impossible to work for those who have not removed the wisdom teeth and the Appendix. Due to the fact that the stations of Antarctica was not performed surgical operations, for work it had previously to part with these body parts, even if they were perfectly healthy.

2. Antarctica is the driest place on earth. Or rather, located here dry valleys McMurdo station, some areas which have not seen rain or snow for the past two million years.

3. Like many countries, Argentina has its own domain in the Internet .aq

4. 53 million years ago Antarctica was so warm that on its banks grew trees, and the air temperature rose above 20 degrees Celsius.

5. In December 2013, Metallica gave a concert in Antarctica, thus becoming the first band in the world, has performed on every continent. In order not to disturb the local fauna, the concert was held under a special protective dome, and the music the audience was listening through headphones.

6. From 1960 to 1972 at McMurdo station, the largest settlement and research center, owned by the US — worked first nuclear power station in Antarctica.

7. Antarctica has its own fire station. It belongs to the McMurdo station, and it employs the real professional firefighters.

8. Despite the extreme conditions in Antarctica discovered 1150 species of fungi. They are perfectly adapted to extremely low temperatures and long periods of freezing and thawing.

9. Technically in Antarctica there are all 24 time zones, as their boundaries converge at both poles.

10. In Antarctica, no polar bears. To see them have to go to the North pole or Canada.

11. In Antarctica there is a bar — the southernmost bar on the planet. And he is at the station “Akademik Vernadsky” Ukrainian land.

12. The lowest temperature ever recorded on earth — minus 89.2 per degrees Celsius — was recorded in Antarctica at the Russian station Vostok on 21 July 1983.

13. Antarctica is the fifth largest continent in the world. Its area is 14 million sq. km.

14. 99% of Antarctica is covered by ice. The ice cover of the continent is often called an ice shield.

15. The average thickness of ice in Antarctica is 1.6 km away. Antarctica contains about 70% of all fresh water reserves on earth.

16. The transantarctic mountains extend through the entire continent and divide it into Western and Eastern parts. This range is one of the longest in the world — its length is 3500 km.

17. The existence of the continent of Antarctica was unknown until its discovery in 1820. Previously, this group of Islands.

18. December 14, 1911, Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen became the first man to reach the South pole and hoisted there the flag of your nation. He also became the first man to walk to both geographic poles of the planet.

19. As a result of secret negotiations 1 December 1959, 12 countries signed the Antarctic Treaty providing for the demilitarization of Antarctica and its use for exclusively peaceful purposes. To date, members of the Treaty are already more than 50 countries.

20. January 7, 1978 was born the Argentine Emilio Marcos Palma was the first man in history born in Antarctica. It is believed that this event was a planned action of the government of Argentina, specially sent to the station “Esperanza” a pregnant woman in order to claim part of the territory of Antarctica.

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