The everyday life of the Australian Outback: gift for daughter nearly cost the father the life

It is known that Australia is a country where everything wants to kill you. The inhabitants of the Green continent got used to it and live peacefully alongside hundreds of deadly creatures, treating them with care and respect. But in spite of this, risky contacts happen sometimes and good when they have a happy ending.

On Christmas eve, a resident of the Australian city of Perth, Western Australia, Aaron Pix (Aaron Pix), taking children, 11-year-old Sophie (Sophie) and 7-year-old will (Will), went to the beach. Kids on the coast immediately started in their own business, the boy was playing in the sand next to his father, and the girl collected beautiful shells along the surf line.

Sophie found two particularly interesting shell forms and gave them to the father. Aaron is not considered a gift, and just stuck the shells in his pocket, hoping to rinse them later and then enjoy.

But at home the man was expecting a nasty surprise — the beautiful trinkets were the owners. Each of them lived sincerity octopus is one of the most poisonous shellfish in the world.

Most of the things fell out of the shell right into the hands of the older Pix when he was washing her under running water in the bathroom. Getting rid of dangerous marine life, the man decided to check out the second gift — it was empty, but its inhabitant has freely settled in the pocket of his shorts.

“Sophie picked up the shells and swam with them. This a number of times could spell disaster. Besides, the octopus sat on my leg for 15-20 minutes. You may not even know that you were bitten, and die in a few minutes. Pretty scary to think that I could die in my children’s eyes on Christmas eve”.

Both spoke about the dangerous situation journalists the man, narrowly escaped death. After the discovery of deadly surprises, the family immediately called an ambulance, and the man and his daughter had to spend 3 hours in the clinic under the supervision of physicians.

Fortunately, all ended well, and except for a small rash on the leg of Aaron in the place where skin is in contact with the sea dweller, no impact was observed.

Sincerity octopus (Hapalochlaena lunulata) is found in the Pacific very often. The habitat of these cephalopods extends from the Japanese Islands to the North, to the coast of Australia in the South. These small creatures, the size of the body which rarely exceed 4-5 cm, have a bad personality and without hesitation attack any opponent.

Octopuses of this species have bright warning coloration in bright blue rings all over the body. Thanks to this feature, they got their name. Dangerous fauna prefer to lead a secretive lifestyle and will often choose to hide out in an empty shell and others caught in the bottom of hollow objects.

The poison that is administered cinacalcet octopus when the bite is very toxic. He has nerve properties and can kill a person within a few minutes. Death occurs from paralysis and respiratory arrest, and modern medicine has no antidote to this toxin. Especially dangerous is the fact that the poisonous bite of the mollusk is practically not felt by the victim, and death may occur quite suddenly.

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